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EDT Routine Advice?


Hey there, iv been training for about 1 1/2 or so im 180lbs, my lifts are:
Bench Press: 250lbs
Squat: 330lbs
Iv been reading about EDT training and took particular interesting in Thib's article 'Canadian Bear'. Is this routine a good choice for size? or would a typical bodybuilding split be more productive?
any advice would be great!

has anyone used this style of training before? results?
thanks guys

PS: Given none of the main exercises involve dumbbells i wasnt sure if it would be ok to change the bench press to a dumbbell bench as I find that a superior pec builder.


How tall are you?

It is, as Thib said in the article.

It's not that one could be "more productive" than the other, but they're different training programs built on different principles. EDT, in general, has been around for years and plenty of people are happy with their results.

Do the Canadian Bear program exactly as listed. It's just a 10 week plan. Track your strength, bodyweight, and measurements along the way, and afterwards you can see what's what. Also, don't forget that when you're training for size, nutrition is just as important as training.

This dude is the only actual Canadian Bear log I could find here. He did it for about a month. Maybe shoot him a PM?

I'd probably use it as the secondary exercise, but you could try it for a few workouts as the primary move.


Sorry, i forgot to put that in, im 178cm so i think thats about 5"8 or somthing

Thanks for the reply, il give it a shot an see for myself
Cheers mate


EDT is an incredibly fun way to train, and when used properly can net some good gains I believe.\

The key is you have to tweak it for your purposes. You can use the program mainly for fat loss, power/strength gains, muscle gains... It all depends on how you set it up and execute. The bottom line is to go ALL OUT on the PR zones and you will make gains.

I don't know that I think its optimal for straight Body Building, but it is a good program for a variety of reasons and goals.