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EDT... Revisited

I’ve been playing with EDT for a while now and my latest version done on myself and a willing volunteer (my girlfriend, hey, I needed a bigger sample group OK :wink: and it has been going pretty well so I’ll put it up here and hopefully get some feedback:
Basically I’ve always believed ‘feeder’ workouts to be a great thing, you can use them to recover, specialise, bring up weak points etc, plus they spread volume accross the week because I seriously doubt a muscle group needs 7 days to get back to shape, anyway, here it is:
Mon: Chest, Biceps
Tues: Back, Triceps
Wed: Legs, Core & Pecs Feeder workout
Thurs: Lats Feeder & Delts feeder
Fri: Legs Feeder.
The main workouts are done in 15 minute supersets, not 20 as in the original EDT and the feeders work well at around 5-6 classic sets of 8-12 reps but doing higher rep, lighter work is another good option. Yes, there is direct deltoid work as I believe it to be needed in addition to work as secondary muscles on pec and back day (I think Don Alessi is onto one here!). As the time period is shorter I tend to choose exercises that are fairly difficult compared to those in the original EDT such as incline press and pulldowns, but hey, I leave you to fill in the gaps based on training preferance. There it is! Any thoughts?