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EDT Results


Anyone here tried EDT? Reading it over, it sounds like a solid program and I definitely want to try it once I get back into the mass phase.

Anyone have any stories?

Hopefully it doesn't whoop on me too badly.


Did it, loved it, one of the most fun programs out there.

Take a look ate these threads:

Phill does know lots about it




EDT is one of the only programs that you can gain size on when either cutting or bulking because of the sheer volume. I think its better for cutting, personally, because its a tremendous calorie drain through glycogen depletion. Plus you have no choice but to be in great shape cardiovascularly if you use all compound lifts.

I just got done with 4 weeks of EDT while cutting... I saw almost no scale weight drop, but lost an inch or two in the waist while gaining a bit in muscle fullness.

I rotated many exercises in and out vs. using the same lifts on days A and B and just alternating as its designed (sorry Charles, just too boring after a couple weeks but I understand that you want to be sure the trainee is doing more work per session - I used my heart rate for that).

None the less effective, I would pair dumbbell snatches and push press, benches and rows, deadlifts and powercurls, cleans and over-head squats, pull-ups/downs and military press.

I did very few isolation lifts because my arms were blown away just from the compound lifting volume. I pushed so hard on the compound lifts that if I used any isolation lifts I might have "blown a hose". But, that's just me... feel free to do what works for you.

I would recommend using a peri-workout shake if cutting with something like a 2-3:1 ratio of protein to carbs, heavy on the BCAA's if you can afford it to really halt catabolism. Sipping it just like a bulking cycle; pre, during, aft. I would never do EDT while fasted or any farther than 2 hours after a meal/snack because of how demanding it is - you need fuel to make it a killer workout.



I actually did the EDT Arms 4-week cycle just a few weeks back. I busted ass in the gym, did the ice massage, ate a lot, and got pretty good gains. Not quite as good as was advertised, gained a half-inch on my arms over the month, but still pretty solid change, not too disappointed. I enjoyed the workouts, and I like the whole EDT more work/same time concept, but I wonder whether it's something you should do all the time. For me, the second to last workout was the only one where I didn't either exceed my reps or up the weight on every exercise, but I still felt myself getting kind of drained by the end of the program. I dunno, some people on here swear by it. I definitely liked it and will try an EDT program again at some point I think.


Agreed kicks ass

ATE A Ton and still was getting leaner as well as stronger.

PR type zones are now almost a constant in my training,

Will for sure do it again as Staley has it intended.


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no way.

EDT is a farce.

nobody has ever actually done it.

Charles Staley is certifiably insane.

wait, allow me to translate


of course.

EDT kicks @ss.

everyone should try it at least once.

Charles Staley is certifiably insane.


Dano, I'm not certified yet, just FYI.

But regarding the question, don't do EDT hypertrophy method continuously or exclusively; it'll fry you. Look at my Strength Plateau and Compound EDT articles for more program ideas


Do it Lonnie, you'll be glad you did. It works. Period. I have the DVD and it kicks ass. The concept is simple, almost too simple as people try to over complicate it. The DVD really makes it easy to grasp. Just Do IT!!