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EDT results

I would like to start a thread for the ones who have tried EDT or are currently using its format.

It would be cool to list your previous max and current ones along with body comp. modification, if you wish.

Ok let’s get rolling:

Louis-Philippe de S?ve-B. aka LPdSB
6 and 4?
6 months ago: 230lbs @ 20%BF
now 234lbs @ 16,5%BF

going down with M-7 help
Lifts after some rotation (I don’t always use the same lifts all the time)
1)Close grip BPress: 100kgs1 -> 110k1 easy
2)Chin-up MG @ bodyweight from 15 in 20 minutes to 30 in 15 minutes
3) deadlift no new max since I used other lift.
4) Power clean 901->100k1
5) Split Jerk from 65k1 to 75k
shoulders have always been a problem but they’re improving fast
6) max dumbell curl is now around 70lbs
1, I strict form, no DTS

Anyone interested?

Thank you,


Currently using EDT for Arms workout. After a week and a half (three arm workouts), my arms are right at 1/2 inch bigger. I don’t know how much of that is inflamation, but I’m amazed. Body weight hasn’t changed: 5’10" 200#

Haven’t tested maxes but I’ve put another quarter-inch on my arms after the first month of the EDT Arm program.

Arms have always been an easy bodypart for me, but on the other hand I’ve been training for 25 years, so I like this result a lot. The only question will be whether it proves to be permanent or not…

Doing EDT for Arms right now. I’ll finish my 2nd week on Thursday and I’ll measure again on Saturday, but I’m going to hold off until then. I can’t say I’ve put on .5" in 3 workouts, but the biceps look bigger. I’ll report back on Sat.