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EDT Rep Range


When using the EDT layout to train, it suggest 6 reps. Would this be for every exercise? Seems strange using 6 reps for say flat bench flys?


Try a full workout once and you'll figure it out. :wink: You'll realize that a weight that seemed easy for about 5 reps at the beginning will be plenty sufficient after 15 or 20 minutes.

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7) Is there a certain number of reps I should be getting in each PR Zone?

Sort of. I hate people to get too wrapped up in looking for an "ideal" number of reps, but since I know they do, I'll provide some suggestions. GENERALLY, I like people to hit about 60-70 reps in a PR Zone on the first go-around. This means 60-70 reps on both exercises.


Cheers man that helps clear it up