EDT Questions

So i started a run at EDT. Here’s the format

Session 1:
Back Squats for a 5x5
pr zone 1- bent over barbell rows
dumbbell military press
pr zone 2- one-arm at a time Db bench press(alternating)

Session 2:
Snatch-grip deadlifts 5x5
pr zone 1- DB crunches (remember the �??Janda�?? trick with the tennis ball)

  • row to neck with ali�??s tricep bar
    pr zone 2-leg curls
    -overhead db tricep extension

Session 3:
pullups 5x5
pr zone 1- barbell lunge alternate left right
pr zone 2- incline bench press
-dumbbell hammer curls

I’ve done sessions 1+2, and have some questions. I started with my last-tested 10rm for each relevant pr zone, yet my sets have been 5,5,5,5,5,etc. 60 reps, going easy, with very little rest between sets (most time between sets is spent getting setup for the next exercise, eg sitting down with DB to crunch)

What does that even mean? Good conditioning? Any insight please guys?

It doesn’t matter how easy they are. What’s important is that you push yourself to the limit and do as many reps as you can within 15 minutes. If cutting down your setup time helps, then cut it down.

I remember Staley recommend 60-70 reps in a PR zone, so as soon as you can go beyond that, up the weight.

Yes, i’ve read various articles andposts. No need to be schooled. I know how i might increase and progress the density as time goes on, my confusion and curiosity stemmed from the fact that it was possible, and even easy, for me to do 12X5 on each of my first two goes-around. I get the impression you never actually did EDT yourself?

I also don’t feel sore at all, well a little sore but that’s weights. I don’t feel as sore as some warned.

What does anyone else, who’s experienced with the program, deduce from my experiences?

Dannyrat, i have had very good success w/edt no question your wt is to light try upping that. and if that does not work for you, i always found certain pairing worked great for me Ex.-sq/pull-up- mil/abs- than a bi/tri combo and i always try to get push and pull exercises together when i could.

If done right i also found it burns alot of calories. The mental side of knowing that you have to reach a number to beat your previous will make you work twice as hard, Staley has a great book w/alot of exercise pairings. Hope that helps