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EDT Questions


I know this is my third ??? about EDT. Things are going great with program, and it is a great philosophy that coach Staley has come up with. I bought the EDT video and is probably one of the best training tools that I have come across. But I have a few question for those who know/ or have used EDT.

  1. After 3 weeks on EDT, how long should you wait before starting up again?? Or do I continue until I plateau? And after I stop, how long until I can start up?

  2. When should you switch up exercises? I am use to following Westside principles and change up every few weeks.

For what it is worth, I have been following the program for around four weeks and have lost about 8 lbs. and have increased my strength in each lift (ex. Floor Press increased 20 lbs. and tri extensions 15 lbs).

Thanks for all the help!



See the answer to Q 11 in this article:


I will be done with the V Diet in about 2 weeks and then will have 2 more weeks of training before I take a break for vacation, I wanted to do the EDT specifically to build up my upper chest and shoulders...anyone have some good pairings that I can use to work those 2 particular groupings?


That's fine. However, you should have a consistent theme in your long term exercise menus, rather than completely changing everything every 3-4 weeks.

Love to hear that! Thanks for the nice words on the DVD also!