EDT Question

I have just started doing the EDT system and I have a question.

I am hitting 12-14 sets of 5 on most of my exercises. Should I be hitting this many or should I up the weight? By the time I am done with my 15 min I am spent but wondered if I should up the weight to really push myself.


I recall Staley recommend doing 60-70 reps per exercise in 15 minutes. If you can do more, up the weight.

It also depends on what type of training you normally do.

Prior to EDT i was doing sets of 3-5 with heavy weight.

When I do EDT with heavy weight and sets of 1-3 i usually get about 15 sets.

From my experience so far, when i end with 15-30 total reps per exercise i much more tired, than when i do 50+ reps.

But you can utilize both, do heavy weights one day, and lighter another day.