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EDT Question

There seem to be lots of questions regarding EDT, so here are mine.

First, I understand that CS recommends no more than 8 weeks of EDT before taking a break and switching to something else for a while. BUT, does that 8 week stretch consist of the same EDT routine? OR, can I do 1 EDT routine the first 4 weeks, then switch to a different EDT routine for the second 4 weeks? By switching I mean different exercises and maybe a different A-B split.

Second, How often should I be trying to break my PRs? For example, if I’m using an A-B split 3 days a week, where my ‘A’ session falls on Monday and Friday, do I try to break my PRs from Monday ON Friday? Just wondering how frequent the PRs should be tested.

Third, I know CS says you can start with a number of reps other than 5 reps with a 10RM. Can you mix this up? Using an A-B split 3 days a week, but alternating between starting with a high RM and a low RM. Something like…

Mon, A-heavy
Wed, B-light
Fri, A-light
Mon, B-heavy
Wed, A-heavy
Fri, B-light
This would slow down how often you break a particular session’s PRs. Is that good or bad?


You should be trying to break your PR every workout. Read the program guidlines again, and stick to it. Don’t try to mess with light and heavy days; then it becomes a totally different program…it’s no longer EDT. It would be ok to change exercises after 4 weeks, though. Essentially, 2 back to back EDT cycles. That should work well.