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EDT Question


If I wanted to include Renegade Lunges into an Escalating Density Training workout, would it be considered a unilateral or bilateral exercise? EDT unilateral exercises are typically done one side at a time, but renegade lunges seem to require alternating between sides.

Thanks in advance


I have used dumbell pull and catches in EDT sets. You pull a DB from the floor to about shoulder height, release the DB and catch it with your other hand, return to the floor and start over. This would be similar to renegade lunges which require you to alternate sides. I don't worry about doing one side first and then the other side in this instance. I just make sure I do ten reps, five per side.


Thanks squatdude. Do you use the exercise as the only drill in a particular PR zone or do you include it with a second exercise?


I have a leg-blast day where I do the first 15-minute set front squat/stiff-leg deadlift. This DB pull and catch is the second routine. I did this today, in fact. I am up to an 80# DB and had 96 reps today. Of course you can't walk after this!


Hi Angelo: I must confes that I don't know what a Renegade Lunge is, but if it's any type of alternating unilateral movement, such as alternating lunges or step-ups, you can just perform that single exercise during the PR Zone. Hope that helps to provide some direction...


That is a very, very impressive work load. Is your primary goal endurance or is it mass gain? The load seems insufficient for mass gains as you are getting so many reps. Damn, that is one rep every 9 seconds for 15 minutes straight. At 80# I would be happy to get 35-40 reps.

You are a fu#$ing animal. Good stuff.


Thanks. I went back and checked my log for today. It was a 75# DB which I will up to 80 next time I do this workout. But the reps are correct. Sorry for misleading you a little on this--I was just thinking about the 80 when I wrote it.

My goal right now is fat loss. I am 6' 4" 340# and need to lose some blubber. Like I say, this workout is a killer and it can be mentally intimidating when I go to the gym on this day. But there is NOTHING like the feeling when it is over and I collapse on a bench because I can't walk out of the gym. Better than sex, as Arnold would say. I am going to lose this flab or die trying.


What is a Renegade lunge?


Place a bar parallel to the floor. Sometimes this can be done on one side of a power rack. Stand next to the bar with the bar on one side. Squat down then do a side lunge under the bar. Stand to your feet on the other side of the bar. Squat down and lunge back to the original side of the bar.

Normally with EDT, you perform an exercise all on one side then all on the opposite side. E.g., perform five lunges with the right leg, then five with the left leg. In the case of these renegade squats, you can see that would be a problem unless you either turned around after the first side lunge or walked around to the original side of the bar. My course of action is to do 10 continuous reps alternating sides so I complete five for each side.


Instead of lunging under a real bar, you could use a set of 5 imaginary bars. Just do 5 lunges to the right, dipping under one of the imaginary bars each time, then 5 to the left, returning to where you started.


Yeah I thought of that, but I dont have that kind of space available. Also the real bar serves to keep you honest about your depth


I will be done with the V Diet in about 2 weeks and then will have 2 more weeks of training before I take a break for vacation, I wanted to do the EDT specifically to build up my upper chest and shoulders...anyone have some good pairings that I can use to work those 2 particular groupings?