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I started a variation of compound EDT
2wks ago and read Phils blog on his process. So I was thinking of doing a 10x3 format and once i am able to do all thirty in 15min bumping the wt up 5lbs and continue this for 6 wks.
my program looks like this 30reps ea exercise
decline/db rows
db curls/dips

frontsquats/ cable crunches
rack pulls/leg ext
db snatch/calf raises

pin press/seated rows
inclines/ hs lat pulldown
barbell curls/ closegrip bench

back squats/ cable crunches
deadlifts/leg ext
cleans/calf raises


Well I think that is a nice approach. Start with say 60 sec rest between anatagonist and drop 5-10 seconds a week.

Give it a try.

I do think it is a little limiting in only focusing on one rep range but hey for the short term, 6 weeks or so should work. IMO.

Let us Know how it goes.



i like the idea. the method to the progression makes sense, so do it. be careful though. 4-6 weeks of that and you may burning out (CNS).

lots of lifts going on there. variability is good. simplicity is good too though. keep that in mind.

a really smart guy once said something like this:
more is not better, better is better

name THAT guy!



That's a solid plan in my eyes...


Thanks for the input. I really like the intensity of the program. Coach and Phil are right not much need for cardio
you sweat like a pig. I've noticed some nice strenght gains though bastard is also write about fatigue being a factor.
I do feel a little beat up. Thanks again
for the support and opinions.

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