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EDT Question for Joel

In regards to EDT I have a question. Is this a good plan if I’m in a mass gaining / bulking phase and not srtictly cutting?? I switch plans every 6 weeks and just finished mine and would consider this if I’m not going to ‘loose’ anything…Don’t worry, I’m eating plenty, meeting my macro requirements every day, blah…blah…blah. Up to this point I’ve added 12lbs (from 155 too 167)…bf is @ 10… It’s just that I’m starting to plan a new workout and would seriously consider EDT if it will help me make serious mass gains like my last plan OR is this strictly for strength gains?? Over the last 6 - 8 mos. I’ve been doing compound movements with the philosophy of fewer reps, and heavier weight and it has worked great for hytrophy and not sure if this is EDT’s ‘objectives’… Any feedback is appreciated…

I think EDT would be a great choice. If you were doing low reps before than EDT would be a good hypertrophy program. It says to only do 6 reps per set, but the overall volume and number of reps is good for hypertrophy. You are also starting out with the 6 reps and well below failure and as you do more sets you come closer to failure. I’m doing EDT right now and gained 2 pounds and lost bodyfat. I like it a lot. I also switched the machine exercises with free weights.

Thanks for the response JasonL…The only thing that worried me was that someone made reference to it as a ‘cardio workout’ as well and obviously while bulking I want to eliminate that. I think my muscles def. need something different as of now to keep the gains coming.

EDT is an optimal workout during a hypertrophy/mass stage. As for it being a cardiovascular workout also, that is partially true if you really increase the density, but that will not be detrimental to your gains. BTW, Charles Staley wrote this program with hypertrophy in mind. The strength gains will be a side benefit.

It does give you a little cardio workout, but I still am able to lift heavy weights the whole time.I do one set rest 30-45 secs and do to other exercise, rest 30-45 secs then repeat. I would just up the calories and do EDT the way Charles says. The extra calories should help with building mass. You might burn a few more calories while doing EDT, but if you cover that with more calories than you should be all right. Hope that helps.

Thanks Jason. Hey…do you know what some of the EDT threads were called in the forum?? I can’t seem to find any. I know however that Michelle started one…thanks.

I’m in agreement here; would be best incorporated during a bulking cycle.

Sorry bud, I know there were several attempts at an EDT support group, but none ever took off. Just do a search under EDT or Charles Staley and maybe you can come up with something.

oo7 - do not worry about cardio activities too much, iether from this program (which is negligable) or even a slight amount of extra curiculum stuff, read the posts aerobics are anabolic and update for aerobics are anabolic, a few of us discuss the benefits of doing a small amount of cardio and most of us have been pleasently suprised

After my first 4 week cycle on EDT (with no hypertrophy) I trained normally for 2 weeks then modified it so I wasnt supersetting antagonistic muscle groups.
I now train;
3xpwk, mon.pull wed.legs fri.push
Still using 10min time frames per exercise with 5min between exercise.
The biggest advantage with this method for me is I’m focused on one muscle group/function and can ‘zone in’ more intensely. The pump is better too.
I’m already looking fuller and getting stronger (end of 3rd week) compared to the lighter faster fitter feel the standard EDT gave me.
What d’ya recon. peeps?