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EDT Program Update

I have been using Coach Staley’s EDT program for a while and have benefited greatly. I have been posting my results on another thread, but the title of the thread might not help others that are using this program.

I have switched up my EDT workouts due to work schedule, curiosity, and wanting to due other exercises after 12 weeks. In June, I started a bastardized EDT/Westside type of workout, I wore myself out. It was probably my poor diet due to work, but did see results early on.

I was using EDT for my ME lift, but wasn’t using high enough weight to see results in the form of weight, just in reps; but thats ok. I did switch it up so now I am doing my ME lift then use EDT for the rest of my workout. This felt a lot better. When I was doing EDT for the first exercise (pairing) my ass was kicked before my second. The change has allowed me to get a workout in that all of my goals are being met.

Understand that we all get a little bored with workouts and look for changes from time to time. I love what EDT has done for my workouts and has changed the way that I will always workout. It will shorten your workouts, bring up lacking body parts, increase hypertrophy (kinda has a GVT type of effect) and simple to use and apply. Think outside the box and customize it to fit your needs. Oh yeah, it will burn that fat, too.