EDT Program Thoughts

I’m looking to gain some weight and improve my highland games performance, and I’ve decided to give EDT a try.

I’d like to hear from any EDT gurus who have thoughts/critiques of the program I’ve planned.

Most of my workouts over the last two years have been moderate to low voume with an emphasis on strength and power. Currently, I’m about 185lbs, 12% bf. I’ve upped my calories to 3900 on non-training days, 4300 on training days.

I’ll be lifting three days a week, rotating through four workouts, two lower-body/core emphasis and two upper-body emphasis. On most non-lifting days I’ll be throwing. (I have two competitions in early November, and on those weeks I’ll drop one of the weekly workouts.)

Each workout will consist of one strength/power move with traditional set/rep parameters (probably rotating through something like 5x5, 6x3, 5-3-2), then two 15 minute PR zones.

I’m transitioning off of OLAD, and have already started adding in one PR zone per workout, just to get a feel for the system. I will dive fully into this plan next week.

I work out at home, and I have a power rack, two Olympic barbells, and dumbells – no machines.

The four workouts follow. Any advice is appreciated.

PRZ-1: Romanian deadlift / L-sit (for time)
PRZ-2: Bulgarian split squat (left) / Bulgarian split squat (right)

push press
PRZ-1: bench press / row
PRZ-2: power curl / tricep extension

clean-grip snatch
PRZ-1: front squat / leg raise
PRZ-2: side bend (left) / side bend (rt)

PRZ-1: chin-up / dumbell press
PRZ-2: pin press / dumbell hammer curl