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EDT Program Critique


I received Muscle Logic this week and am looking forward to trying it out. After reviewing the posts on EDT and reading the book, I've put together this routine. I've come to understand that lots of people make mistakes with EDT, so I'd like to make my mistakes now and not while training.

P.S. Thanks coach Staley for the signed copy of your book!

Monday and Friday: Upper Body Emphasis

PR Zone 1 (20 Minutes)
A-1: Bench Press
A-2: Bent Over Barbell Row

PR Zone 2 (15 Minutes)
B-1: Standing Barbell Military Presses
B-2: Weighted Chin-ups

PR Zone 3 (10 Minutes)
C-1: Barbell Curls
C-2: Overhead Extensions

Tuesday and Saturday: Lower body Emphasis

PR Zone 1 (20 minutes)
A-1: Barbell Squats
A-2: Barbell Stiff Legged Deadlifts or Leg Curls

PR Zone 2 (15 Minutes)
B1/B2: Alternating One-Arm Dumbbell Snatches

PR Zone 3 (10 Minutes)
C-1: Standing Calf Raises
C-2: Weighted Sit-ups


Glad you're enjoying the book BIA.

Listen, the split below is basically sound, HOWEVER, let me suggest that you use different movements for each workout, OR (and perhaps even better) just train 3x/wk, alternating between these two workouts

I'm afraid that if you perform each given workout 2x/wk, you'll burn out.

Another suggestion: lately I'm leaning more toward traditional maximal strength methods for 1-2 core lifts, followed by standard EDT for 1-2 auxilliary lifts per workout. So using your split below, if you were to use 5x5 or 8x3 for the "A" exercises, you'd be golden. EDT is a great hypertrophy/fat loss/local muscle endurance format, but you don't want to lose maximal strength along the way.

Hope that helps...


@ Staley , what do you mean ?

maybe like this :

I'm doing split chest/bic. , legs (lower body) , and back/tric. then how to add that core lift

for exemple (chest/bic.)

A) bench press 8x3

and then 3 PR zones of 15min. or maybe this is to much , maybe 2 PR zones ?


Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to make the A group 8x3 and then 5x5 after a couple weeks and EDT for the small groups.