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EDT PR Range...

Something has been bothering me for a while. While I tried EDT, I started with a weight that I could do about 25-30 reps in 15 minutes for both exercise, then up the weight when I could do 50 or more reps.

Now, if you lower the max rep number before upping the weight (maybe 40, or 35), will I get a more strength oriented workout? And what about the opposite, say max reps of 70-80, will it be more endurance oriented?

I’m just curious to know if you could use EDT for multiple objectives. Maybe also the high reps for cuting (similar to lactic acid training)?

Intensity would be the most important factor.

3-6RM for strength
8-12RM for hypertrophy
12-20RM for endurance

As your fitness improves with a given weight, do a rep-max test with it to see what range you’re working with.

You could find that a weight that hits 20-30 reps in 15 minutes ends up usually being your 5-6RM.

One that scores 40-50 reps might end up always being your 10RM.


If by intensity, you mean giving it everything you got, then yes, that is what I do, and it is all because of the objective to beat my PR everytime. That is why EDT is so effective for me, it motivates me.

But if I START with a weight that is my 4-5 rep max, then it will do the trick to improve strength more, if I understand.

And for lactic acid training, using something like 12-15 rep max, for around 100 reps by 15 minutes, with compounds and low recovery time between, would it be good? I’m guessing yes, but still, I’m wondering if someone as already tried?

Maybe Charles Staley will jump in?