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EDT or Kings upper body

Ok I am finishing up week 9 of King’s great guns. I am now going to focus on entire body mass and would like an opp. on EDT training or Kings Upper body and limping training, My goal is mass
about 11%
5000 cals aday
diet not to clean but I like it

If I change my name to NEILG. will someone give me there opp.?

Dude, you say you want mass, and then say your diet’s not clean but you like it? Guess what kind of mass you’re gonna be gaining?

With that attitude you can do any program you like, and your results will be less than optimal.

ND to put it straight I eat one cheat meal aday not to bad The rest is a P+F or P+C meal. But if thats not good well its cool I’ll change but I figure 17 inch arms would look better on a over all mass body at 11% so I just ask for an EDT TO KING opp. But I will take your commint and try to change my diet thanks ND.

Cuda: I personally think diet is everything. Without knowing what your P+C and P+F meals are like, it’s hard to say whether a cheat meal is warranted (even as often as once per week). But that’s enough about that…I’m not going to hijack your thread.

With regards to EDT vs. King, I’ve had great success with King. I’ve done superstrength in the past, and recently finished doing superstrength overlapped with Limping. Both times, I’ve made great gains, both in strength and size. Unfortunately I haven’t done EDT so I can’t offer any comments on that.

Good luck

ND thank you for the input and yes I know diet is the foundation and I will be cleaning it up.
Thanks again

If you want overall mass and been doing an Ian king workout I with go with westside, for 12 weeks, a nice change that will give you mass guarantied, and then (if you want) go for some EDT/king workout with greater abilty to overload yourself due to strength,speed and core strength that you dont get on BB routines.


Glute thank you I will have to look into westside I must say I have been doing wide stance bench squats and have noticed a big improvement.


If you’re 5’10", 203, eating a little dirty, still only about 11% bf, and your goal is mass, I wouldn’t sweat changing the diet right yet. Patricia would probably tell you to have a beer. So would I.