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EDT: One Exercise at a Time?


I'm trying to find some new programs to tackle in the next few months and I wanted to give Escalating Density Training another go. My only problem when training this way was trying to remember the rep counts on two different exercise back to back.

Seriously, near the second half of the 15 or 20 minutes, I'd be doing different amounts of reps for one exericse vs. the other and I'd lose count. Then I'm trying to figure the number of reps. Anyway, this becomes a pain in the ass. Especially when you're trying to go all out.

Is there a problem focusing on one exercise for 10 minutes at a time?


I'm doing it now and I usually don't have a problem remembering reps, unless someone talks to me. You could just bring a piece of paper and do a tally though.


Write it down if you can't remember. Actually, I can't imagine why you'd try to do it any other way.

If you focus on only one exercise at a time, then you wouldn't be doing EDT.


Write it down.


ya, that. :slightly_smiling:


You shouldn't be remembering the rep count for 2 exercises.

5 Chins then 5 Dips
Only get 4 chins then only do 4 dips. no more.


Ok, so just keep it equal based on the one exercise vs. the other. I guess that works, too.

I did play around with doing hash marks on a pad, but when you're doing that and trying to best the previous workout, it becomes ridiculous.

Thanks, guys


I just make a table


and keep a tally for each set of 5, then down to 4, 3, etc