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EDT Modifications?


hi guys,
i'm new to the forum and i wanted to pick your brains regarding EDT training.

i'm 49 plus and i've struggled to handle Coach Staley's workouts using the recommended 15-20 minute PR's per workout.

is anyone else in the same boat?
have you modified/ lowered the PR block time?

Chad Waterbury's article on the set/ rep bible has me leaning towards EDT with a couple of changes which would include an upper/ lower 4 day split, antagonistic training of bodyparts with 1 PR block of only 10 minutes, which should put me into the 36 rep range, which is on the low end that chad recommends for hypertrophy training.
keeping my workouts within 20- 25 minutes is important to me and is doable with this kind of schedule.

any suggestions, personal experiences or tweaks are welcome and appreciated!!



that stuff all looks good. what is important about EDT is the escalating density part. charles suggests 15 minutes, but apparently the original EDT was 20 minutes. also mentioned is 10 minute PR zones as an option. hell, one could do 5 or 8 minute PR zones too! going towards 20 and higher doesn't seem to work, as the intensity tends to be so low that it's more of an aerobic cardio effort.

short PR zones with antogonistic training is certainly top notch bang for the buck ... training economy.

hope that helps,


thanks bastard! that is helpful. i've been in the HIT camp for so long and have broken away completely from the 1 set methodology.
thanks for validating what i've been thinking.
the mental focus, for me, was just too much at 20 min.

the 10 min. PR for just 1 exercise per bodypart has been much better and hopefully, will allow me to hit each bodypart, more along the lines of Chad Waterbury's recommendations of 3x weekly.


I think that is an excellent point, B. The thing that I like best about EDT is the idea of getting one more rep over the amount of time...but I have thought that 15 minutes might be a long time to do something like Squat Snatches and Front Squats (the two I tried). I naturally cut it back to save my heart from exploding...a really bad thing for me.

So, what you are arguing is to just target eight minutes (or less) and keep the numbers going. I'm just wondering out loud if this would be a good way to do the 'big' stuff and let the easier movements slide out to 15 or so. I think it is one thing to do a bunch of, for example, pullups versus Clean and Jerks...