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EDT, Lower Body and Crowded Gym

Hi guys.

I’m incorporating two EDT sessions to my training, one for upper body and another one for lower body.

My gym is always crowded, and I find it easy to follow Charle’s recommendations for upper body excercises, but it’s not so easy for the lower body:

"EDT workouts require you to have uninterrupted access to two pieces of exercise equipment for an entire 15-minute PR Zone. In crowded gym environments, this can sometimes be challenging.

But the solution is actually quite simple: as long as at least one of your antagonistic exercises is performed with a barbell or dumbbells, all you’ve got to do is carry the bar or dumbbells to your second station, which allows you to control access to that station for your PR Zone."

Well, I?m aiming for 3 PR-zones, the third one being “light”, involving calf or midsection work.

I could start for:

PR Zone 1 (15 min)

A1. Front Squats
A2. Good-mornings

Weight would be the same for both nd I think that both will be equally difficult, so that`s a good pairing I think, but I cant figure out a second one. Maybe DB Lounges (B1. left, B2. right)?

Third one could be a shorter (10 minutes) lighter one, as I said. I have machines, but I can?t occupy two of them at the same time.

Any ideas? Thank you very much.

PD: I?m doing heavy basic work (squats, deads, bench, rows…) with classic set/rep patterns on the other non-EDT sessions, these two workouts are intended to be pure EDT.

Here are some potential pairings:

Reverse Lunges/ Leg Curls (u can carry the DB’s to the Leg curl area)

Single leg squats (bulgarian squats)/ cable pull throughs or RDL’s

Good Luck!

[quote]Thot wrote:

I could start for:

PR Zone 1 (15 min)

A1. Front Squats
A2. Good-mornings[/quote]

You’ll kill yourself with that pairing. Far too much spinal loading in such a short time period.

If you absolutely insist on having an exclusive lower body pairing try:

A1. Good-mornings
A2. Leg extensions


A1. Front Squats
A2. Hyper extensions or leg curls


A1. Right leg lunge or step up
A2. Left leg lunge or step up

Of course you could do:

A1. Good-mornings or Front Squats
A2. Calves and abs

OR you can simply consider an upper + lower body pairing

What I have done for lowerbody is
A1)Front Squats
A2)Weighted hypers

B2)Pull throughs.

I have also done
A1)Bulgarian split squats

I’ll just do deadlift ladders for 10 minutes, shooting for 24-50 total reps.

Works well enough for me.