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EDT is the best

I usually don’t post a straight up HELL YEAH viewpoint…but here is one for those that care. EDT kicks ass. I’ve tried almost every routine that testosterone.net has reported on, and this one is by far the best (Ian King comming in second). This is just such a simple way to progress! I’ve got to say, I’ve felt EDT to be just on the edge of my conciousness…knowing there had to be a simple way to judge progression, and then there it was. I’m getting great gains for the first time in a while (EACH WEEK!) and got to say props to testosterone and Charles Staley for the kick ass program. If you haven’t tried it…do.

I like it too!

Glad you guys are enjoying the cycle!

EDT has been working GREAT for me as well. I’ve also had several of my clients on it and they like the results…although the brutality of it makes them not like me too much during the workout. ;>

Could EDT be used on a low cal. diet? I am using the T-dawg diet and also box 3 nights a week. I am trying to cut fat for about 2-3 more weeks and wondering if lack of carbs would make this program work as it seems pretty intense.

EDT on low cals? Have fun!

I would like to use EDT with a full body program or a semi-full body program. With the goal of hypertrophy…whatelse right? Do you think this would be a good idea? How would you go about this? If you have the time a few brief suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Charles. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I enjoy the simplicity of it too (technically speaking that is --i.e. not too complicated as far as sets, reps, exercises, order, etc.)

I think I’m going to try EDT when my current program stops working. Quick Question. What’s the best way to record these workout’s in my journal. Should I just list the weight and then the reps for each set i.e

Incline Press: 195x6,6,6,6,6,6,6,5,5 etc…
FYI I can do ~ 12-14 reps with this weight so I assume that I would use this weight and do ~ 5-6 reps for as many sets as possible rather than going for the max # of reps per set. I also assume that CS has checked this protocol and that this method does indeed lead to the max # of reps in the specified time frame, rather than maxing the reps on each set such as 195x13, 11,10,10,8 etc…

Or would I just record the weight and the total # of reps in the specified time period such as 195 x 57 in 15 minutes