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I am sory but this is so flawed! If I just keep increasing reps I will train aerobic muscle fibers. More work does not always mean more muscle growth. You could do 4 sets of of 6 for bench press and if you use 80% of your 1rm that could be enough for great growth. Doing 300 reps does not mean more growth. This is BS.

Well then, why did my scale go up 8 pounds and my bodyfat down 3%? I’m sure you’re going to be hearing plenty more.

I think you’d better go back and read the article again. The work weight increases after your reps have increased by a certain amount. And EDT does work.

If you can’t spell the word “sorry,” you won’t get much credibility around here. You need to reread the article. The entire object of EDT is to do more reps with the same weight in an EQUAL TIME PERIOD. It’s not a matter of doing 10 minutes worth of bench presses versus an hour. You have no basis for your argument, your logic is flawed, and you seem to have no grasp of the concept presented. Please try again.

Roy–I think your a bit confused. The way it works is you start with a given number of reps for whatever weight your using, let’s say 6 for example. Once you work your way up to say 10 reps, you increase the weight and start at 6 reps again.

Just like what Spanky said, the weight must increase after doing a certain amount of reps. You could at least read the whole article before posting your opinion. Actually your post is silly.

300 reps? What article did you read? If you are doing more than 50 your weight is much too light. Reread the article.

300 reps? The range is 50-65 reps per exercise. eg
A1 54 reps
A2 55 reps.

Think this guy will post back? Or is he one of those tards that posts something nasty and never comes back? We’re waiting, Roy.

Although he was wrong in the way he described it he does have a valid point. The results can be influenced by factors unrelated to hypertrophy and strength such as strength endurance and between set recovery but of course no program is perfect.

Sorry but I get it. The fact is I could just keep eliminating rest as I get into better shape. Eventually taking almost no rest-this is insane. Heavy weights with good amounts of rest will work better. PERIOD. Aslo your ATP will deplete as will glycogen so you can not just keep adding volume if you want to use high weight…

Yes Roy, you’re right. The world IS square.

Roids, I hear tale it is hip to be that particular geometric configuration these days. Lata.

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Um, the point is to increase the reps AND the weight, not just the reps.

Roy, you do have a point that more work does not equate to more muscle. However, by keeping the additional work within a descrete time frame, what you’re actually doing is increasing power (work divided by time). I can share dozens of success stories from my private coaching group (all of whom are utilizing EDT principles in their training) including a female powerlifter who just had the best meet of her life while spending about 1/2 as much time in the gym. I’d suggest re-reading the article 9and/or my upcoming book The Ultimate Guide to Massive Arms: Escalating Density Training Vol. I) and have a look at the progression strategies, and you’ll see that at no point does EDT become an aerobic scenario.

Okay so we are just increasing like crazy as much as posible-always fitting as much as we can in that will lead to over training will it not? And once you are used to this ridiculous amount of volume what happens when you try to do a lesser workout? I’ll tell you-YOU WOULD LOSE THE GAINS YOU MADE ON EDT BECAUSE THE BODY WILL BE USE TO A CRAZY AMOUNT OF VOLUME JUST FOR MAINTINACE!

Roy, at least you can do is try EDT. One session will do. Telling us why you can’t do it and why it wouldn’t work without any practical knowledge behind it doesn’t expresss any credibility. Come on! “Analysis by paralysis” is how Ian King describes this.

It’s not a crazy amount of volume. From what I’ve seen and experienced, most people will get about 50 or so reps per exercise. Gee, hope that doesn’t offend your delicate sensibilities. The problem here is that you’re being dogmatic and wrong at the same time. A very bad combo for anybody. Why approach something thinking that it’s wrong and that you’re gonna prove it wrong no matter what? Why not see it for what it’s worth and give it a try?

  1. Yes, volume is very high FOR THE AMOUNT OF TIME THAT YOU ARE IN THE GYM. However, how many “low volume” programs do you know of that make sure that you don’t train past the point (in terms of time at the gym) where catabolic hormones exceed anabolic hormones?
  2. You will not shrink right away because you reduce volume. This is the premise behind periodization. Different things at different times keep the body guessing and allow you to continue to make gains.
  3. As much as I admire your willingness to question the norm, no one will take you seriously unless you know how to spell.

Why say anymore? Why not try it yourself and decide for yourself? Give it an honest effort, and if by then you don’t get anything out of it you don’t lose anything; in turn, you gain the knowledge that you know it didn’t work for YOU.