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EDT Is fantastic!

Just a quick post to say that EDT has done wonders for me! I decided to give it a try as “something different” for my upper body. I usually stick to low volume, heavy training, concentrating on the compound “multi-joint” movements. If I train arms directly at all it is usually only as a “finisher” to be honest. So since Christmas I’ve been using a modified version of EDT on mondays to train my upper body / arms. Firstly - I really enjoy these workouts, they are a break from the normal way I train and I really look forward to them, secondly… I’ve put an inch on my arms in 5 weeks!

Just thought I’d share my happy tale with all of you guys. I’m in a good mood!

Llamapower, greate to hear of your progress and let me give you my standard offer: I need as many testimonials as possible so I can convince as many people as possible to check out this program, so if you’ll send this post along with your name and address to: charles@integratedsportsolutions.com, I’ll send you a free EDT book…thanks!

Thankyou, I’ll send you an email with my details later today. I’d be happy to provide a testimonial.

Just to clarify what I meant my “modifed EDT” in my previous post. What I have done is reduced the 20 minute periods to 15 minutes as this is vastly different to my normal training method and I didn’t want to push too hard too soon. I also used alternative exercises where there were limitations on the equipment available. I’m thinking that I’ll progess up to the reccomended 20 minute periods shortly as I have become “acclimatised” to this a bit more now.
I may indeed try the full EDT program for all body parts in the future.