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EDT Increasing Workouts


I've been doing the EDT workouts posted in articles I've found here on T-Nation.

What I find is that I'm recovering pretty fast . . . enough so that I'm wondering if maybe I should do two pec/bicep workouts or two lat/tricep workouts per week?

Something like

Pec/Bicep Mon and Thu
Lat/Tricep Tue and Fri
Leg/Abs Wed

My goals are to cut fat and get lean and muscular (as much as I can at 50).

Any suggestions welcome.


That'll work out just fine...another option (which I like better) would look like this:

Monday: Pec/Bicep
Tuesday: Legs (hamstring dominant); Abs (flexion dominant)
Thursday: Lat/Tricep
Tuesday: Legs (quad dominant); Abs (rotation dominant)

Hope that helps



I notice that in your reply, you suggested one Pec/Bicep workout per week.

My question was whether it was OK to increase to two Pec/Biceps a week. (And two Lat/Tricep workouts a week.)

Just to make sure I understand you correctly . . . you're saying DO NOT DO THAT . . . "Just stick with one Pec/Bicep workout a week."

Does that mean you consider two Pec/Bicep workouts over-training?


BTW, coach, thanks for posting your EDT ideas and making them available to the public. It's the best routine I've ever used.


You could do 2, but change the emphasis each day. For example:

Day One, use perhaps flat barbell bench. Day Two, maybe incline DB bench. Biceps, maybe day One: barbell Curl, Day Two, DB hammer curl...