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EDT - I despise Charles Staley!!

I’ve been seriously training for a good 5-6 years now, and just recently decided to try EDT training. I had taken a little break from training over Christmas and figured it was time to try a new training program. I started looking at Charles Staley’s EDT program and thought it looked very promising. Needless to say, I’m only two weeks through it and I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever experienced ANY program that has put this kind of hurt on me. This program is definately not for beginners!! You try this for your first program and you will never enter another gym in your life. Last night I could not even get full range of motion on my crunches because my abs were so sore from LAST WEEK. I’m not injured at all, but I’m just so sore it is unbelievable. I know muscle soreness isn’t necessarily THE factor for how well a program works, but I do know one thing… I’m loving to feel this pain. :slight_smile: I hate it, but I love it… One of those feelings. :slight_smile: This program rememinds me a little of Max-OT which I have done and liked in the past in that the rep scheme stays around 6 reps or less. I really love the simplicity of the program too. No set rest periods or sets… Just straight ahead working your ass off every workout. I just wanted to leave my thoughts in case anyone has been thinking about trying this program. I highly recommend it. However, be forwarned that you will probably have to find someone to dress you. :slight_smile:

Try the cryotherapy that Staley recommends. It will have a HUGE impact on your level of soreness.

I probably will try the chryotheropy that he recommends. I’ve just been so broke lately I haven’t been able to afford anything extra. I miss having Power Drive around too. Being broke sucks!

saxman, send your full name and address to charles@integratedsportsolutions.com and I’ll send you a free book for your testimonial…how’s that sound?

Glad you’re liking the program…do use the cyrotherapy though, it helps


Too broke to afford ice?

Man, if you’re too broke to afford ice, you need to get on welfare, pronto!

Okay, I know you were probably referring to the Cryocup or whatever that thing is. Here’s what I do: (a) Pick up an ice cube with a washcloth. (b) Apply the ice to the trained area (one arm) until it melts. © Repeat with the other arm.

The ice will actually bond to the fibers of the washcloth so it’s not difficult to keep a grip on at all. (A paper towel works too.) Give it a shot.

(And if you tell me that you’re too broke to afford a washcloth, I’m going to jump through your computer screen and give you a cryogenic noogie.)

Actually Char-Dawg, cyrotherapy also involves massage, not just icing. You need to massage with the ice. But if someone can’t afford the whopping $6 for the Cyrocup, then they can freeze a paper cup of water and peel off the bottom. The Cryocup is nice because it makes a rounded piece of ice and has a “handle” of sorts.

We used to have Ice but then My Gran Dad Died and we lost the recipe. Seriously though thanks for the update, I have been looking for another routine to start in Mid March. I think I will give EDT a try.

You guys are too funny. :slight_smile: I’m not THAT broke, but I’m just barely getting by with bills and such right now. I figured something specifically made for an ice massage would be expensive since it sounds like a specialty item. I have ice packs and washclothes to use though and probably will use them since I’m still sore even after my second week’s workouts. The soreness is ridiculous though. :slight_smile: I can feel my chest is still going to be sore tommorow and it was last Monday I did my last chest workout. Thanks Mr. Staley… The pain I’ve felt from this program so far has been too much to let it go without being “felt” by others. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I understand that. I guess when I said “apply” I should have said “apply with long, loving full strokes that reach deep into your inner being.” Then there wouldn’t have been any misunderstanding.

Anyway, you can still stroke with a towel.

Um, wait a minute…