EDT frequency.

I looked through past threads for this q but could not find an answer. I just started the arm specialization program. If I am still sore from monday’s workout, should I do thursday’s? I have no problem stickin to it, but I was wondering what I should do, especially after reading one of Chad Waterbury’s articles “More can be Better.”

As a general rule I’m against training a sore muscle group, but I’d make an exception with the EDT arms mesocycle. I think you’ll find you will find that you adapt to it pretty well, and you should get good results by going ahead and doing thursday’s workout. Just play around with it, if it works, keep doing it. If not, try a 5 day revolving split.

There has been evidence supporting the notion that training while sore doesn’t hinder the recovery process at all. I posted the abstract in the dog pound a while ago.

Still, Staley says not to…

If I were you, I’d get on the cryotherapy ASAP. That’ll take care of the soreness and this whole issue will become moot.