EDT For Maximum Strength

In the EDT for Maximal Strength Protocol Charles Staley says that on every fourth week you should reduce your total volume by one-half. By way of example, if you performed 15x1 on squats using 275 pounds on week three, then perform 7-8x1 in the same 15 minute PR Zone (time frame) on week four.

Does anybody know why this is please?

i’d venture to say a deloading week…

Yes but I wouldnt say you would have to go the whole 15 minutes it more of the reduction in volume.

I think that there is a benefit to stretching out the rest between singles in the deload week. If so, doing the 7 or 8 over the full fifteen would be good.


EDT generates massive fatigue.

The “Deloading” week it simply to give your body the chance to lighten up, and prevent overtraining, which is highly counterproductive to what you want.

This way, you can continue to make excellent gains, without all the associated side effects of OT that will come your way under such a program.

Follow Coach Staley’s instructions to the letter, and enjoy!

Thanks for the rapid responses. I’m using Charles Staley’s latest program at the moment, “Multi-Strength-Sport Training (MSST)”.

It’s working wonders for me. I’m getting bigger and stronger and maybe even a bit leaner on an average of 4500 calories daily.

The strongman training is making my upper back thicker and stronger and improving my grip strength. It’s my first time doing strongman style events and I’m beating my best times/distances etc… each week as you might expect. They’re a lot of fun too.

My work capacity has also increased, especially when sprinting, and my times are coming down.

I haven’t used any wariations of the EDT theme before either but I keep improving and I’m enjoying the workouts.

To summarize:
MSST is an absolute belter!
Thanks CS