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EDT for fat loss

Ok… call me a retard, but at the suggestion of TT, I am posting this… Here is my inane question… Perhaps I am not seeing the forest for the trees, but is EDT for fat loss an hour and a half workout? (3x a week) Considering that there is two core exercises, and three 15 min PR circuit movements, are they all done consecutively? It just seems like a long training session, that’s why I’m curious. Getting catabolic and releasing cortisol for 30 min or so seems counterproductive… Thoughts? Answers?

Thanks Guys!

gmehne, I’m doing my own version of EDT right now. I have two “20-minute sessions” per workout. With a 10-15 minute break between the two sessions, I’m in and out of the gym in less than an hour.

In each session I have 2 exercises that I go back and forth between. I jot down on a piece of paper how many reps I did in that session. Obviously the next time I do that workout, I’m going to push to do more reps than I did the last workout.

Even if you were doing three 15-minute sessions, you could be out of the gym in a little over an hour.

Which of the EDT programs here on T-mag are you doing?

One last thing. You were talking about doing EDT for fat loss. EDT is a bulking program. I, too, want to reduce my BF%. But I’m eating awfully close to maintenance. My PWO nutrition is good, and I’m getting enough carbs and protein to facilitate repair. EDT is not the best program to do if you’re operating with/at a severe caloric deficit.

TT, I believe gmehne is talking about EDT for Fat Loss (http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/238edt.jsp). It’s a program where you do 15 min of singles prior to an EDT circuit.

gmehne, I found the workouts very long as well...too long if you're on a restricted diet, in my opinion. That said, I did see results, but I shortened the EDT sessions to try and get my workout finished in about an hour. If you can handle the volume on a restricted diet, go for it, but I found the workouts a bit too draining. The hour mark is an approximation for increased catabolism, so less frequent, longer workouts may not be a problem for all individuals.

Thanks, flee!!! I’ll go check it out. I was hoping to get a link.

Im checkin out EDT for fat loss, and the workouts seem as if they are a bit drawn out. how did you go about shortening them, flee?

I’m getting back into training. EDT is more for bulking. I’ve been using it as a way to jump start myself back into training. I’ve been doing a calorie restricted diet. HOwever, I started overtraining because I didn’t eat enough. I was doing 8 calories per pound of body weight. Now I’m doing 9 calories per pound of body weight. I might have to go to 10 because as I gain strength, size, and endurance on this plan my metabolism has increased. I’m finding I need more and more calories just to feel good.

I’m curious what would be a good workout for fat loss. That’s mainly what I would be interested in.

Alwyn Cosgrove said in an article they got about .5-1% bf reduction doing distal antagonistic excercises instead of just regular antagonist when doing edt for three 15 min pr zones…

That would be doing something like pullups and calf jumps in one pr zone and the like…

Staley always mentions doing heavy reps for fat loss as the main ingredient so to speak…

Cosgrove also mentioned doing 2 sesions a day(3x a week) of course shorter ones…for even more fat loss…

So from what those two say…doing maybe 2 strenght pr zones in the am…15min for each lift…and 2 more 15 min pr zones later that day…doing the distal antagonist…

Also for the dietary concens a zig zag aproach to diet(Fred Hatfield) would be the natural fit…zig up on lifting days(2 postworkout meals vs 1 :))…and zag down the other 4 days…you can probably mantain a slight deficit in the total calorie volume of the week vs doing on a daily basis…

Including some light gpp on off days…10 min of thowing a sandbag or whatever…and some tabata intervals now and then would round out my ideal fat loss plan…

just some thoughts


Is there two different EDT programs? The one I came across in issue 201 states that EDT is not to increase strength but for lean mass development. I interpret this as a program to reduct BF%.
Then I come across an EDT program that is for bulking.
Also, I am having a hard time understanding this program. Basically you alternate between two exercises, eg., chin ups and lying tricep extensions with no rest. Are you supposed to do this continously for 20 min.? This sounds impossible. Also, he states that there is no use of sets and reps but then he says that maybe you want to start out at 6 sets than drop them down as the time goes. How do you know how many reps to do? Also, what does RM mean.
I am sorry to hijack your thread but I tried to post these questions earlier but for some reason it would not go through.

EDT is a system…you can modify it depending on your goals…you basically do mor work in the same amout of time…
for strength you take you 3RM and do multiple sets of 1 for 15 min…if you achieve a certain number you up the weight next workout…

We are talking modifing for fat loss but he also has a version for that on T-mag…lose the fat keep the strength or something like that

//Basically you alternate between two
//exercises, eg., chin ups and lying
//tricep extensions with no rest. Are

not necesarally 20 min…you can do 10-15 whatever you like…

you pick a weight you can handle for 10reps(10RM)…RM is rep max by the way… and then you do half of that…so say you can do 10 straight chins…and 10 straight dips…

you do 5 dips, 5 chins, 5 dips, 5 chins…etc etc…as you aproach your time limit you will be less fresh and your reps will drop to 4…3…2…1…till time expires …so you take your total reps…say 25 chins and 30 dips…and next workout you try and do more total then last time…after you can do x% more reps then you original workout you up the weight and start again…

dont try to look for more…thats it…its as basic as you can get…

the EDT for fat loss utilizes the “PR zone” with singles and a “normal” chunk with antagonist muscles, does it not? that is what I gathered from the article.

Thank You Sagomed. Also, do you know anything about Staley’s book Massive Arms? If you do or anyone does, does it have comeplete bodyworkouts or just arm routines?
I am going to try this system so I am trying to find out as much about it as I can.

just arm workouts

at the end it does do dips and pullups

but just pick a bunch of antagonistic bicep tricep excercices do 2 pairs on 1 day…2 pairs the second day…and keep the rest of your body on maitance…

but the basic idead can be aplied to whole body training or training other body parts…

also mike mhaler has an intrestig variation using kb as well as regular weights…mike mhaler has great articles in general


DA MAN, generally I just shortened the warm up time (I don’t find I need 10-12 min. to get to my 90% of 1RM, but I’m not benching 500lbs either) and reduced to three EDT supersets of 8-10 minutes or two 15 minute sessions. Nothing special, but it kept my workouts around an hour. I preferred three 8-10 min. sessions since the 15 min. sessions produce a lot of fatigue and soreness which I don’t seem to recover well from when dieting. - - flee

Just started the EDT for fat loss and here is my training info (feedback encourgaged/welcomed here)

Core Exercises:
A - Front Squat
B - Bench Press (flat Barbell style)
C - Sumo Deadlift

Cicuit “A” looks like:

1a Lat pull downs (I have no chin up bar at home)
1b Lying hamstring curls

2a Upright Barbell rows
2b Lying tricep extensions (cambered bar)

3a Decline weighted sit-ups
3b Reverse Curls (cambered bar)

Cicuit “B” looks like:

1a Military press (standing)
1b Leg press

2a Incline Dumbell press
2b Preacher curls (cambered bar)

3a Russian twists (with dumbell0
3b Seated calf raises

My stats are 5 10" @ 215 lbs with 15% BF

I am trying to get to single digits. My legs are adequate but my arms could ue some size and more detail on my back (this will come from fat reduction)

I am working out on Tues/Thusr/ Sat splits with 1 or 2 FS cardio sessions (45 minutes) and 2 HIIT sessions per week on non-training days.

I am eating basically T-dawg 2.0 with 150 grams of Carbs on workout days and only about 30 grams on non workout days (I am very carb sensitive).

Suppliments inlcude:
Low Carb Grow
Vitamin C

I am hoping to lose 1 pound of fat a week and get down to under 10% BF.

Just finished 4 weeks of a 5 x 5 custom program that was 5 days a week lifting.

Previous to that I did 4 weeks of OVT.

I was thinking of doing the EDT (fat loss version) for 4 weeks then maybe try the Arms mesocycle version for 4 weeks with a hypo caloric diet or maintenance level but increase to 4 workouts per week.

As always, constructive criticsm and feedback encouraged. I will post my results and so far love EDT.

Im asuming you work out at home because of your lat pulldown coment…

if you have a squat rack just put a bar on the highest pins or suports or whatever…bend your knees and there you have your pullup bar

otherwise open a sturdy door hang from it and bend the knees…

or just get a cheap metal pipe and nail a couple of pieces of wood to the door to hold it

I didnt see you doing any sprinting… look into the tabata protocol…its not magic but you cant beat doing just 4 min a day :slight_smile:


Your program looks a little too ambitious. If your body can take it and you don’t overtrain; go for it. I would say though be willing to change your routine.

I tried reading the EDT for fat loss article and I was so confused as to how it worked. I opted for the EDT phase 1 and phase 2 laid out in the T-Mag articles.

I’ve been doing EDT with the T-Dawg 2.0 for 2 months now. I started with low carbs like you are doing but I’ve found that I need to raise my carbs to around 175 on training days and 100 on non training days. 90% of my carbs are consumed around my workout.

And on non training days 80% of my carbs are consumed before noon.

These are things I had to learn the hard way. I had to take 5 days off from overtraining because I wasn’t eating enough. Monitor and listen to your body. Your body will tell you what it needs.



My only input would be to ditch the NO2, its a big fat waste of $$.


thanks flee.

so I was right in the idea that you do three series of singles and three supersets?

and thanks again to everybody.

ps- i am currently on dont diet, also utilizing the more economical dosing with Mag-10 of 12 pills twice a week. so i think i may be able to handle a little more volume…

Hey guys and gals, I’d be happy to pitch into this conversation, but I lost track of the original question. But do let me know if I can be of service!

DA MAN, each workout you do one core exercise for 15 min. of singles (rotating the three core exercises), followed by one of two EDT circuits consisting of three antagonist supersets. (I think that’s what you meant but I just wanted to clarify). If you’re on even a restricted Mag-10 protocol, I think this program would be great without any changes.

Charles, have the people you've trained with this program had any trouble with the volume, or is it just me? Thanks, flee.