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EDT for Fat Loss Results?

Anyone try it? Results?

I rember reading that you will burn .5 % bf a week while on EDT without changing diet???

Hard to belive.

I am on CT’s Destroying fat week 2 right now but will consider EDT next.

No one tried it? It looks like you can really improve pull ups doing this. I am on Destroying Fat for the next few weeks. I will try this after it.

My results on it confirmed the claims of .5% of BF per week. I really enjoyed the program. I did it for a month using the program listed on Staley’s site. The last week is excruciating to get through. I recommend doing it for the results and to take a break from the normal type of routine.

If you dont mind can you post the site?


Don’t mind at all:

When I am focused on lowering body fat, I always switch to relatively short workouts, keep the weights heavy, and progresively shorten the rest periods, EDT in a nutshell. Has always worked for me (along with proper diet of course).

Did you gain notociable strength on EDT 4 fat loss? loose any muscle mass?

I used a carb cycling diet and took it slow, so I didn’t lose any noticeable muscle mass. Strength stayed about the same, but my endurance and work capacity went up.

Basiaclly you do as many reps in 15 mins as possible right? seems like a LONG time haha

Yes, the idea is to increase the amount of work you do in a given time period each time you train.

I was flipping through Staley’s Muscle Logic book last night and came across his advice for how many reps to be aiming for per PR session. In a radio interview he did (which can be downloaded for free through his site) he said that he likes to see people doing something like 60-80 reps per exercise per PR. That is an insane amount of work, but perhaps I misunderstood him. In his book the sample routines show around 35 reps per exercise per PR which is much more manageable.

Thats does seem like an insame amount of work. But its worth trying if the results are as good as I have read.