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EDT For Arms and WSSB


Anyone think that doing gpp for arms after the max effort lower body day, and taking the arms workout out of gpp, would be overtraining. BTW I'm running a cycle right now and my diet is pretty decent (good). Any thoughts on how to work these 2 I really need some more size on my arms. Thanks in advance.


I would say go for it. You'll be able to tell pretty soon if it effects your other upper body work. Even if it does, you can decide to make arms a priority and back off the other upper body work. I think you'll be fine, advanced lifters can usually tell if something is working.




FWIW, I think you should use more acronyms, IMHO.



How stacked is your cycle? Depending, I'd just add on a 2nd workout session specifically for arms on your upper body day. If you're on damn near any cycle (especially if you're running tren) I believe that you'll be able to handle extra sessions like that.

5 min sled dragging (1min rest)
A1. 5 min Biceps exercise (1min rest)
A2. 5 min triceps exercise (1min rest)


Yeah tren is my friend.


Lemme know if u stumble upon any Godzilladrol :-p


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