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EDT fat loss

I have been looking through the EDT fat loss article by Charles Staley, and I think I am going to give it a try. It should make a nice followup to 5x5. I have looked through the threads and noticed a bunch of people said that they changed up the exsercises (as Staley suggests) but no one actually posted what their routine was for it. I am have some ideas for modifications but would love to hear the changes people made (Monty Richie, Chris Morrow etc). Also, what kind of results did people have with it in terms of Body Composition changes, and how much strength did people lose ?

Hey Bilt…

I will dig out my training journal from the EDT days and post it up here for you tonight. It really is a great program.

I posted a response earlier but the damn system logged me off and it didn’t go through.

I did the program for eight weeks. I used squat, bench and deadlift for the core exercises all the way through, and the circuits changed after four weeks.

The circuits were as follows:

First 4 weeks:
Circuit A:
A1. Stiff-leg deadlift
A2. Chins

B1. Dips (tricep emphasis)
B2. Leg press calf raise

C1. Dec. reverse crunch
C2. Hammer curl w. ez grips

Circuit B:
A1. Hack squat (Davies-style)
A2. One arm DB row

B1. Military press
B2. Incline DB curl

C1. Seated calf raise
C2. Saxon bends

Second four weeks:
A1-A2. Decline step-ups

B1. Incline DB press
B2. DB preacher curl

C1. Seated calf raise
C2. Russian twists

Circuit B:
A1. Natural glute-ham raise
A2. Chins

B1. Lying tricep extensions
B2. DB jumps in place

C1. Dec. rev. crunch
C2. EZ bar reverse curl

You asked how much strength was lost.
If diet is where it needs to be there should be no strength loss…that’s one of the benefits of the program, particularly with those core lifts and the heavy weight used. For me, strength went up every workout (and I was on a carb intake of anywhere from 50-100 g. daily) although toward the end of the program it was getting very difficult to beat the reps in the circuit exercises. Fat loss was great…would’ve been even better had I not blown a few of the carb-ups (I was doing the Alessi/CP low-carb approach).

I really didn’t do any extra cardio as it wasn’t necessary. Do the program to the letter and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You’ll be sweating like a pig!

Let me know if you have any more questions!

Awesome stuff Monty. I am gonna post my own version up here in a litle while and I would love to know what you think. Just a quick question though. If you are using something as a bench as your Core, an incline or some other chest exersize in one of your circuits, isnt the numbers on the chest exsersize in the circuit going to be totally differnt on days you do bench as your core as opposed to squats as your core.

Alright here is my program

Core A: Bench
Core B: Front Squat
Core C: Push Press

Circuit A
Stiff Leg Deads
Chin Up

Skull Crushers

Dragon Flags

Circuit B
Hammer Strength Incline

Leg Extensions
Donkey Calf Raises

Hammer Curls
Side Bends w/ twist on roman bench

Alright I think thats it. Let Me know what you think. Just out of curiosity, How did you do the singles for bench? I have no workout partner so I am thinking I am gonna have to go with dumbells.

Also, How often were you carbing up, and how much bigger in terms of cals and carbs was it to your diet cals?
If I recall from the other threads, you were already pretty lean when you started correct?