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I figured it was about time we started this thread. Just did my first workout today…wondering what everyone is doing for their core lifts? I had intended to use squats, bench and hang clean as per the article, but I’m thinking of using barbell rows instead of bench as my back strength needs to get caught up with my chest. I really hate the idea of no rowing movement in the whole program.

Also, I did the prone ball rolls for the first time today, and I’m thinking my form is a bit off. I felt it somewhat in the abs, but I experienced discomfort in my shoulders while doing this exercise. Last question: for those of you who are doing the DB jumps in place, how much weight are you using? Staley says to start light, so I tried 25’s today but this was obviously too light as I hit 5 reps all the way through the 15 min. zone.

I’m with ya, buddy. I’m kicking my own ass in a good way with this program. I posted my own version of it elsewhere. I love it.

I am stating my second week tomorrow. I am using pull ups, squat and bench for my core lifts, in that order.
I have found I have to do the hanging pikes instead of the prone ball roles because of the same problems you described. It just doesn;t do anything for me. I did the decline prone rolls from Christians article and those were great but just normal ones don;t do it for me.
As for the jumps in place I started out with 20 in each hand and was able to do sets of ten for 100 reps, next workout I uped it to 30 in each hand and was able to get sets of 5 for 44 reps(last set was 4)
This poses a problem for me as I was able to do 5 reps the whole way through but only got 44 reps. Should I increase the weight so that the reps go down or just try to get about 65 reps next workout??
What do you guys think??
So far I have to say I like the program and lifting only three days a week is helping my recovery.
:slight_smile: Groove

I am thinking about starting EDT at the beginning of the year. I want to put on some weight and then I figured I would do meltdown after EDT. Just wondering what other people thought of the program! I am anxious to know if it is worth it to try it or not???

Hey all, I just started EDT Fat Loss version yesterday. I am sore, but not too bad being I use Surge. It is a great change up in my work out. I haven’t done cleans in awhile, so it is nice to get back into it and brush up on my form. Good Luck to all and I’ll keep everyone posted!

Just curious, how long are you all planning on doing this training plan? Meltdown #1 worked well for me last year (to shed the winter fat) but this plan really interests me. The only problem is that I workout in the AM and w/warm-ups and rest periods this programs is more than an hour. I modified it to 2 circuits so I can get to work on time. Please post your progress and results!

I’m gonna stay on this program for at least two more weeks… or until my progress stalls. I’d go with EDT before Meltdown anyday! I’m down to 7.3% bodyfat, one full point since starting 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I’m planning on finishing out December with this program. Not much fat left to lose, and actually I could start bulking now, but I want to be lean and mean for all the X-Mas gatherings. I definitely like Staley’s version a hell of a lot more than the other one from Alwyn Cosgrove, although Meltdown I will always hold a special place in my heart (Lord help me!). While I still think Meltdown will burn more fat, you’ll certainly retain strength much better on this program.

Anyone adding cardio (other than Staley’s recommendation)? I may put Renegade Rope in a couple of days a week…I still think Coach Davies’ program is a lot harder than the rope intervals in Meltdown.

Ok guys, the time has come for me to ask for some help. I’m a 24yr old female chef from Australia who has just finished my 12wk Body for Life program with bugger all results. I have had a trainer all the way through my workouts, and my food has been spot on. I’ve been working out my menus a week in advance (and sticking to them) with 1200-1500 cal per day with 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fat, also trying to exclude carbs in last 2 meals and only eating low GI carbs. I’ve managed to get some good muscle tone, but unfortunately I can’t see it under all the fat I haven’t lost!!! I’ve only lost 1.5kg in all and am still 80kg (175lb I think?) I came across a guy who recommended your site to me,(for the EDT training) but being a newbie am kinda confused with all the info. I’m willing to work as hard as I need to to do this for myself, any input (diet and training) would be greatly appreciated. Tam

Welcome to T-Nation, Tam! A good start would be to browse the FAQ section…lots of good info to get you started. Just from a glance, I would say your calories are way too low. At 175 lbs. you should be likely eating around 17-1800 cals, maybe a bit less depending on your current bodyfat, but 1200 is definitely too low. I would change from 1200-1500 to 1500-1800. Your metabolism needs a boost if you’ve been at this low cal level for quite a while.

Also, you said you only lost 1.5 kg, but are you just using the scale to measure? If you’ve added notable muscle tone, you’ve likely added some lean muscle which would not show up on the scale but would on a body composition test. If that 1.5 kg is over the course of your 12 week BFL program, then something is off. Also, at the risk of offending, could you list your specific foods you consume? Lots of people say they have a good diet, but many have no idea what a good diet even is. There’s more to it than the GI…there’s also the II (insulin index).

For those of you that are doing the decline step-ups, are any of you using additional weight via barbell or dumbbell, or are you just using bodyweight? Anyone substituting something like lunges? I thought about this but seeing as I just got through doing walking lunges in Meltdown, I thought the step-ups would be a “nice” change of pace.

Thanks for replying. Yep am measuring body weight on scale, don’t have my body fat % at hand (my trainer has the info-will get it from him) I get the whole muscle weighs more than fat thing, and yes i’ve developed some great muscle tone that I can see and feel, but compared to my best friend ( different metabolism etc etc…i know) who lost 15kg of body weight (don’t know body fat %) it doesn’t seem anywhere near enough. Feeling better and looking a bit better isn’t quite doing it for me!! As far as meals go, good examples would be breakfast 125g each of cottage cheese and low GI/low fat yoghurt with 1/2 cup All Bran (to keep my fibre up) -this is my first meal 1 hour after training, I train @ 5am. 2nd meal would be as above without the All Bran, next few meals might include 1/2 Myoplex low carb shake or a full low carb bar. The other 1 or 2 meals could be Thai beef salad with 200g lean beef, raw veg strips,mirin, soy sauce, fish sauce etc or maybe 150g salmon fillet cooked and chilled, flaked thru 75g cooked brown rice with some chopped cucumber and dill dressed with low fat natural yoghurt. I have many others but too many to list. My meals are always 2-3 hours apart but nothing is regular after that because I’m a contract chef and am in a different workplace with different times each day, and don’t always get time to sit down and eat, so some meals r on the run. Having said that, if I could figure out a more structured carb intake throughout the day , maybe that could be a factor? The latest theory I’ve come across is eating your only carb(a high GI one) 1 hour after your workout (if you workout on an empty stomach in the morning). Also with the EDT training is that ok for women? Have printed the program out for my trainer and he’s currently trying to get his head around it. Hope that’s enough info, thanx Tam

OK guys, I just thought I’d post my results on this program. I started on 12/9 at 180# and 7.8% bodyfat. Today I’m still 180# but my bodyfat is now 6.9%. Nothing drastic, but I’m pretty happy about it. I’ve only got two more EDT sessions left before Christmas, and then I’m taking a few days off. Any thoughts on what I should delve into next? I’m thinking about Mike Mahler’s Rest-Pause routine.

Chris, I added 10lbs to my 5RM in Dumbbell bench doing singles with Mike’s program for about 3 weeks (with a little break during thanksgiving). I’m doing 5x5 now and will probably either go to a 6x4 or EDT style routine afterwards. Most ripped I got (ever) was on a 6x4 program. OR I might go back to Rest-Pause for 3 more weeks.

The great thing about the singles was I never felt at all like I had been "hitting the weights" even when I got down to 15 sec rests (let me tell you, trying to do DB Bench Press singles with only 15 seconds looks ridiculous!! you basically drop the weight and then start getting set to pick it up again..).

I think Rest-Pause is a good way to come off a volume intensive scheme, as well as a good way to get into one, since you will probably be able to up the intensity with newfound neural strength.

Just finished Week One…I freaking LOVE this routine! Today was my second go-round for Circuit A and I smoked all my previous PR’s. There’s some fat loss happening as well…I haven’t measured my b.f. this week, but my vascularity is coming back and the waist is getting close to 29 inches again. I think this could potentially be one of the best routines ever made. Workouts are great despite being on low carbs. Next week I add Renegade Rope on two or three of the off days as well as indoor soccer on Sundays.

Anyone have the link to the Fatloss version. I know it wasnt published in T-mag, and I cant seem to find it on the myodynmanics site even though I KNOW its there. Thanks

If I ever meet Charles Staley, I might have to kick his ass. I did a clean workout, 250 for 12 singles, and my traps felt like they were going to fall off the next day. Then, to make matters worse, I decided to be a hero and do a bench program the following day, which wasn’t too bad, except my calves have taken a thrashing from 5 rep leg press calf raises on the clean day, and 10 rep seated raises on bench day…I will not make that mistake again…it really sucks when you live in a 3 story town home, I wanted to sleep on the couch so I wouldn’t have to walk upstairs. My lifts so far are 250 for 12 singles on the clean day, 335 for 10 singles on bench day…and I’m using 50lbs on my decline step ups, and it sucks. My legs felt like they had a blowtorch on them. I like this program!

Check out T-mag #238, and you have to be a registered T-man to get access to it so if you haven’t registered for T-nation yet you will be unable to access alot of the best online articles.

I’m a little confused about the (DB) jumps for the gastocs. Are they like calf raises from the floor?