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EDT Fat Loss Usage?

I’ve been quite succesfull with EDT before and i’d like to use it for getting ripped this summer. I’m at 14% bf (believe me or not - this is my set point - this is the cost of eating tons of crap food and not excercising for 18years), around 200lbs, FFB - used to be HUGE (but soft :wink: ). I have my upper abs visible, but i could never get a real 6-pack.

I considered CT latest article but i’d prefer to use a bit of edt (also i prefer to train eod - i don’t overburn so fast than). I went through edt for fat loss article, but :

  1. it looks a bit over the top ( the amount of PRs, but i could deal with it by reducing the amount from 3 to 2
  2. i don’t really get the idea of the core excercise? I do squats for 4-6 sets progressively adding weight and than with the weight from last set i do one PRzone of singles?
  3. i did it before and enjoyed - one-limb PRs? For example : db snatch for 15mins - i believe it is ok?

If anyone could share their experience with edt and cutting i’d appreciate that, regards
ps. I’ve read probably most of the stuff considering edt on T-Nation but there is not really that much 'bout cutting with it.