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Hello T-People! I have decided to walk down the path of EDT. I just started my first day yesterday, as I see many others have just begun as well. I have a couple questions:

  1. How many sets do you guys get in a 15 min. block (per exercise)?

  2. How does your rep range fall throughout the block? (ie. does it stay at a consistant number or drop dramatically)

  3. I am about 15%BF. Obviously I would like to lose some of my santa-like gut, so would addition of cardio dump off a signigicant amount of LBM?

Any input is greatly appreciated!

I’m curious about this too. I started two weeks ago on the EDT phase 2 program and have really enjoyed it, in spite of the strange looks at the gym.

On most exercises I get around 12 sets total and the reps fall off to the 2-3 range. Once they fell to the 1 rep range! That one was a killer. I’ve noticed that the total sets varies slightly between workouts based on how close the equipment is together also.

This sound right? Does anyone else think the lunge routine is a S.O.B.?

I was getting about 8-10 sets per 15-minute time period (supersetting exercises of course). I typically did reps in the 4-8 range depending on the exercise and weights used. I usually chose a weight that I could lift for 8-12 reps max and then used it for all sets as described above. I did EDT for six weeks and made decent gains, but I did notice some short falls. Using mostly machines caused me to lose strength now that I’m using more barbell movements. Also, only doing a couple exercises per bodypart may be enough for hypertrophy, but when switching to other exercises, I haven’t noticed an increase in strength. In fact, my strength levels are behind where they were a year ago. I’m now using Renegade Training and that seems to suit me the best. I like EDT, but Renegade Training encompasses all areas of training (agility, speed, strength, flexibility, etc). I didn’t do much cardio while using EDT, so my bodyfat didn’t change. In fact, toward the last few weeks, I think it may have increased. But now that I’m Renegade Training, I’m losing the fat and shaping up nicely.

After reading your post I modified my EDT chest/bicep day a little. Instead of using the machine press I changed to a flat barbell bench. Using 175 lbs (max is around 235 probably) I started with 6 reps and ended on 2 reps.

This workout was intense. Bench + Barbell curls was exhausting and affected the number of reps I could do on the subsequent 15 minutes sets. Overall, though, I feel better about this combination than the machine press because I feared losing some functional strength using the machine.

Because of how good I felt about that change I switched the final 15 minute set to be the plate loaded hammer press instead of flys.

Any thoughts of making these kinds of changes to the EDT programs?

I think making substitutions with barbells/dumbbells is fine. But remember what Staley said in his EDT articles. It’s best to use exercises that are not too complex. So using barbells and dumbbells will make the workout much harder, and you may not get as many sets in the same work period. I did make substitutions for a few exercises and used barbells and dumbbells. You will definitely get a much better workout and have more carryover especially if you plan on playing sports or wanting to keep strength for when you get off EDT and start doing something else.