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EDT = Endurance training?

Ok, i’m confussed?..i thought the point of resistance training was to work hard, rest, work hard, rest… ie - 8 reps, hard work, rest 2 minutes, repeat. But with EDT you’re only resting about 10, 20, seconds. Doesn’t this make it more aerobic training rather than anaerobic? What do you guys think?

I recently read a paper concerning training Concerning the factors which affect intensity the author lists:
1 - use more load
2 - same load one mor rep
3 - decrease rest time between sets
4 - use a better form of execution
5 - power of concentration
With EDT you may utilize all the points from 1 to 5.
In some kind of training for hypertrophy(drop sets) the rest time cab be only 1 - 3 seconds!
Imagine to perform sets of 8 reps. In the first set at least the first 4 reps are easy the last 4 are medium/difficult. Rest now only a few seconds: in your 2nd set your 1st rep will be immediately hard and so on. At the end of your EDT workout you have done a majority of “working reps”. Your muscles will be pumped with subsequent hypertrophic effect.