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EDT- DVD, ML, or Distance Coaching?


Ive been thinking about giving EDT a go for a long time now, and was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit....

Im thinking of either buying the EDT Dvd, Muscle Logic (Charles' book on EDT), or perhaps even giving the distance coaching he offers a shot.

I'm not sure whats the best way to go.....Does anybody have any of these products or has anybody been a part of the distance coaching???

I was thinking maybe the book because Im running a little short in the cash dept. right now, but if the DVD or distance training are more worthwhile Ill suck it up and go for it.

Any help or info on any of this would be appreciated.



Just go to the Authors section and read the 5 articles Staley wrote, that's all you need. Actually just the first article is really all you need. The rest is your determination. Reading more will not get you any closer to your goals - eating and training will. Don't procrastinate; there are slabs of muscle waiting to be packed on. You've ALRAEADY got all the info you need! Now go and do it!


I recommend the distance coaching.

While you can read the articles and watch the DVD, both are merely a sliver of what coaching provides.

It's a great group with a forum and other resources, and the audio interviews are priceless.

A coach, someone with Charles' experience and abilities, will simply find or enable you to find what is holding you back.

Nearly everyone can benefit from a solid coach. Hell, Charles has one!


Hell id say the coaching as well. I know in the past buying in allowed a seat to the yearly seminar as well, BIG. Bonus.

That said both the DVD and book are great. Id say the DVD is better and you get to see EDT in use a few times etc.


I have pm'd Murrdawg and will give him an excellent deal!!-Jules


Thanks for all the input everone, I just PM'ed Jules back and cant wait to get started. Whatever route I end up going, Ill let you all know how it goes.

Thanks again