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EDT Diet (fsb)

So I’m sitting here with a pizza and a few gallons of water, and I decide to eat it all before midnight.

So then I thought, why not make a diet out of it?

This is meant for skinny bastards (of course) who struggle to eat enough.

The basic idea is to set aside certain blocks of time as ‘personal eating record zones’, and to consume a certain amount of food in this time frame.

Of course, you need some variety. no more than one ‘personal eating record zone’ is suggested per day. Each day should focus on a different food type (or different topping, if you limit to pizza).

You simply strive to eat more in this zone week-to-week, thereby building up the stomach capacity needed to sustain large amounts of muscle.

I call it ‘gastric auto-regulation.’

Side effects of this diet include stomach soreness, so beware!

Did something like that myself while bulking. As in, every day or week, I’d find yet another way to cram nutritious food into my mouth.

Can we call it, Escalating Intelligence Living? Or maybe just, Personal Evolution (PE), tm. A registered trademark of Kailash Enterprises, and the laws of nature themselves :wink: