EDT Concerns

I just started Staley’s EDT Arm Mesocycle, the one-month program from about a hundred issues ago, while on a six caps, twice a day, MAG-10 cycle. I’ve never done EDT before, so I’m excited. The first workout on Monday went well, arms were actually kinda red afterwards, but I have one concern. Everyone, from Staley on down, touts how sore you get. I’m kinda sore now, three days later, and was a little sorer the day before. Tuesday, I felt more or less normal. I did the ice massage and have been eating plenty, but shouldn’t I be a lot sorer? Is it the MAG-10, or am I just working too slowly during my sets?

Well don’t gave anything off the soreness I do EDT every once in a while and I may experience minor soreness my first day doing whatever cycle i’m working on. After that its just beatin out the last score(which is hard to do). But just beat your score on Friday :slight_smile: and have fun and enjoy getting big.

I’ve been doing EDT for the past 2 months now. I didn’t do the arms mesocycle I did phase 1 and phase 2 in the Tmag articles.

I wasn’t sore except for one to two days after each workout. I didn’t take Mag10 or anything. But boy my strength sure did shoot up and so did my muscle size. I’m still a fatty though.

One person made a comment on how big I was getting. Because the phase 2 doesn’t include your calf muscles, my thigh grew much bigger compared to my calves.

I think EDT is great I think you could incorporate it with your other workouts in the places you are lacking. I’m thinking seriously of doing a two day a week mesocycle for my abs and calves.

good luck you’ll see great results.


if you are usually susceptible to DOMS, then I would say the Mag10 is playing a part in lack of soreness. I know it seriously decreases soreness with me… but if you usually dont experience DOMS, you may be like the above guys that dont get very sore… soreness isnt a measure of workout quality or effectiveness- as has been said before. just my nickle minus 3…