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EDT Combo Questions

I’ve been looking into EDT for building up my work capacity and two of the combinations I’ve seen are deadlift/dip and squat/chin. I’ve have a couple questions regarding them:

  1. Would I be able to sub out push ups for dips (my sternum gets agitated when I do dips).

  2. How would you implement this combinations anyway? Would you do them both in the same work out and then do that workout out 3 or 4 times a week? That seems like a lot and would lead to over training (based on many comments about how intense EDT is) or perhaps I’m just being fearful. Or would you alternate on combo on one day and another on a different day? How long should the pr’s be for these combinations?

You’ll have to find what works for you and your goals.

I think you’ll struggle doing squats / chin and dead / dips all in the same workout, just because they’re all big exercises but maybe you thrive on it.

I really like the routines suggested in http://www.T-Nation.com/article/bodybuilding/edt_lose_the_fat_keep_the_strength

Especially the idea of having two sections to your workout 123 and AB. It means you windup with lots of slightly different workouts which is always fun (although deadlift then stiff leg deadlift/lat pulldown just about killed me.

Plus you’re able to focus on doing the big lifts pretty heavy still.

Thanks for the article kiwinomand, it was very interesting.

Does anyone else have any input on the deadlift/dip and squat/chin combinations for EDT?