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EDT/Body Comp/Meltdown training

Has anyone tried all three of these workouts? If so, what are your feelings (pro’s/con’s/results), and which of the three worked best for you.

I’ve done GBC and Meltdown I…tonight is the first night of the fat loss version of EDT. Meltdown was certainly tougher to complete than German Body Comp, despite the fact that the workout only takes half as long to complete. It’s those slow concentrics that are killer. I got pretty lean with both programs…only real drawback is your 1RM’s are going to be lower when you go back to heavier weights. This may be an advantage of EDT since heavier weights should be used.

pretty much the same as the above post. Great for fat lost/anaerobic endurance–after meltdown I was leaner and had a lot more gas, but, because the weights are lighter and the volume is higher, strength lags. Same with EDT, too, because it precludes strength work. I did EDT to bulk, though.

Monty, Could I ask what the fat loss version of EDT looks like? I’m not looking for a handout here. Since I assume you bought the book, I am willing to compensate you for your information.

I’ve tried all three. Didn’t get much from BC, but both M and EDT were great. Same comments about the strength-loss thing using Meltdown, though.

Darin, I’m glad to help. I didn’t buy the book, but got a version of it from Charles Staley’s newsletter. Someone posted the link to the article in a previous post…search for “Staley/Cosgrove’s Fat Loss Version of EDT” on here and it should come up. If not, let me know and I’ll get it to you.

Here is the link:


Just finished the first workout tonight. I substituted regular squats for hacks. A word to the wise since many are asking about substituting compound exercises: don’t go overboard on this. By the time I got to barbell rows after squatting, my lower back was really starting to feel it. I should’ve done the rows on a machine.

Hey Monty, I started the EDT “Fat Loss” program on Monday too! I don’t think there’s a muscle on my body that ISN’T sore this morning… except maybe my tongue, but with my luck I’ll burn that drinking coffee. Anyway, I tweaked the program Alwyn Cosgrove outlined in the Staley newsletter. How did you organize your workout? I, too, subbed barbell squats for hacks.

Well surprisingly I have no soreness, but it hasn’t been 24 hrs. yet. I rarely get sore though, so we’ll see what happens.

Change-wise, I did squats for hacks, and barbell overhead press instead of machine. I may use a different oblique exercise than the ball trunk twists, and I may find a replacement for back extensions as I could really feel my lower back wearing between the squats/rows, plus there’s DB deads on Friday. I’m not a huge fan of machines, but I may switch to seated rows on the Cybex machine next time. I also don’t care for sit-ups, so I may switch to a crunch-based movement or maybe something on the swiss ball.

The only question I had was on dips: it didn’t specify whether it was chest dips or triceps, but seeing how there’s incline and flat presses afterward, I’m assuming it’s chest. Keep me posted on how it’s going, and I’ll do the same.

I think the degree of soreness I’m experiencing is due to the fact that for the past month I’ve done nothing but low-rep strength training. I even took it a little easy on this yesterday!
I simplified the program into two workouts consisting of two twenty-minute timeframes each. For instance, yesterday I paired pull-ups with squats, and then dips with back extensions.
One question though: what’s your starting point on this program? I mean, just how lean are you to begin with?

My bodyfat has fluctuated somewhat due to some “unplanned eating regimens.” At my leanest (about a month ago w. Meltdown), I was around six percent (Lange caliper measurements)…I’m probably closer to seven or maybe a little higher right now. Hard to tell with the water I’m holding after an eating binge on Sunday. I don’t test my bodyfat as much as I used to…I just monitor my strength increases/decreases and measure my waistline. Diet-wise, I’m following a Poliquin/Alessi inspired cyclic keto plan w. cals varied between 1800-2400.

So, did I understand correctly that you did two separate sessions yesterday? I saw that was an option…but with my schedule it would be a little tough to accommodate that. I have to say that I do like the simplicity of this program…just beat the previous reps from last workout. I’m very goal-oriented so I think I will enjoy this program…anything’s more enjoyable than Meltdown, that’s for sure. I may have to add some cardio in though…I need to get caught up to where I was at, and if I can’t even get minor soreness going with EDT, I’m going to take advantage of it and work a little harder. Come tomorrow morning though, I may think differently.

To answer your question, no, it wasn’t two separate sessions. I meant one twenty minute session of pull-ups and squats followed by another twenty minute session of dips and hypers. Today will be inclines and sumo deads, followed by rope rows and weighted ball crunches. Should we start a new “EDT Fat Loss” thread? Hope you’re having fun!

Well I just got back from a VERY frustrating workout. For starters, I had difficulty maintaining proper rest intervals as some fucking soccer mom was hogging the dip station doing her leg lifts with god awful form, and the irritating thing was the majority of the time, she was just standing on it talking to someone. I had to ask her twice if I could work in, and SHE had the nerve to give ME the dirty look. Why the fuck can’t people learn proper gym etiquette?

Then on top of that, the leg extension machine is clear across the gym…takes at least 45 sec. to get from the incline press to the leg extension and that doesn’t count when someone is on the machine (and sits on it between sets). I hate leg extensions anyway…they’re completely worthless IMHO. If I stick with this, I’m gonna have to modify the exercises.

Also, what is the deal with three chest exercises in the same workout? A bit of overkill for something like EDT also IMHO.

Final thoughts: this workout can be virtually impossible to follow according to protocol (rest intervals, etc.) unless you work out at home. Also, I must be the only one on the planet that has tried EDT and isn’t getting anything, not even soreness for god’s sake. I may just say the hell with it and go back to Meltdown…at least I really felt like I accomplished something when I was doing this and could basically go right from one exercise right to the next w/o someone else interfering for the most part. Sorry for the rant, but I’m just frustrated right now.

Chris and Montie… wtf are you guys using the EDT fat loss program for??? yeesh, aren’t you lean enough?