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EDt article?!?!?!

Okay I don’t get this Charles! You so the core exersise like say bench and then 3 15min PR’s?! Or is it just 3-15 bursts? So 45 min or 1 hour? You say bench Press is the core but then you don’t even list it in your workout example-Please help me!

You might want to read Charles’ Covergent Phase Training article for more information.


The “Core” exercise is separate from the “circuit” exercises. “Core” exercise is performed first (Bench, Squat, Hang-Pull, or substite your own). You do the core exercise for 4-6 sets of 2-3 reps, using progressively heavier weights. Work up to 80-90% of 1RM. Then set the clock for 15 minutes and get as many singles as you can (start with 10). This takes about 30 minutes.

After this, you do the “circuit”, which consists of (3) 15-minute EDT style sessions.

Total workout time would be about 1 hr 30 min. There are 3 core exercises and 2 circuits, so no 2 workouts in any 2 week period will be the same. Then the phases “converge” after 2 weeks (read Convergent Phase training article for more details).

Example of one workout:

Core exercise: Bench Press (1RM = 275)

Set 1 (3 reps, 155 lbs.)

Set 2 (3 reps, 175 lbs.)

Set 3 (3 reps, 195 lbs.)

Set 4 (3 reps, 225 lbs.)

Set 5 (2 reps, 245 lbs.)

15 minute time limit, ASMAP singles (245 lbs.)

Rest 5 minutes

First PR Zone: 15 minutes

Glute-Ham-Gastroc Raise


Rest 5 minutes

Second PR Zone: 15 minutes


Jumps in place (with added wt.)

Rest 5 minutes

Third PR Zone: 15 minutes

Hanging Pikes

Reverse Curl

If this is incorrect, please correct me.

is it just me or is this an insane amount of training espec while dieting?!
Do you think Crdio is okay on off days?

Well, y’know, if it was me, I’d probably just do the core exercise of the workout and one more PR zone, then get the hell out of Dodge. All hail low-volume, high intensity! :slight_smile:

the point is to keep strength levels up while boosting metabolism and generating fat loss. I see it as a mix between Meltdown I and II. Meltdown I was circuit training while meltdown II was high intensity training. laters pk

What rest amount is used for the singles on the core exercise?

I’m with Ike. Surely by 1 1/2 hours your T levels and GH would be down the s***ter, and your cortisol will be sky-high. I’m not professing to be a PT like Charles, but if I try it I think an hour of the programme done intensely (say, core plus 2 PR’s) would be an absolute max.

Has anybody started this yet? I think I am going to go ahead and do it it sure is a lot of volume! (Time to break out the AAS!!!)

I started the “original” EDT Fat Loss program about a week and a half ago. For what it’s worth, here’s how I revamped it after reading Staley’s latest article here at T-Mag:

Workout "A" Part One: Hang Cleans - 4-6 warmups followed by 15 minute PR Zone of as many singles as possible. Part Two: 15 minute PR Zone of Pull-Ups paired with Squats, as according to the original EDT guidelines.

Workout "B" Part One: Bench Press - 4-6 warmups followed by 15 minute PR Zone of as many singles as possible. Part Two: 15 minute PR Zone of Incline Dumbbell Presses paired with Stiff-Legged Deadlifts, as according the original EDT guidelines.

It's as simple as that. I throw in a bit of ab work at the end of each of these workouts and repeat each routine on an alternating basis M-W-F. I don't think there's a single muscle that goes unscathed in this split.... except maybe MBE's short-stemmed plantain-lookin' love muscle. I'd hit that.

And has it been hard as hell or what?! How long are your workouts?

where do you hit calves? idea, add a calve raise into the end of the stiff legged deadlift. why would you do incline presses after doing benches? i would rather just totally substitute in overhead press. idea, You can do hangcleans with deadlifts/benches, and front squats with overhead press/pullups. sort of trying to hit push pull systems. laters pk

Yes. It’s tough as hell. Maybe tougher than the soles of my monkey butler’s little tootsies. Now get to work!

if it is a lot then lower the pr zones from 15 to 10 minutes or 12.5 minutes, whatever your fitness level is! Remember that this is a fat loss program meant for you to burn a lot of calories, that’s why it’s so long. As the workout gets longer you will have to get in better shape in order to beat your rep ranges. That means your metabolism will kick up. And how long do you think you will be on this program, maybe 6 weeks. besides it’s only 3 out of 7 days. You will have rest. laters pk

Couldn’t you do the core excersises in the A.M. and the PR’s in the evening if you’re worried about being in the gym for an hour and a half? Just wondering