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EDT-Arms... Question about rest intervals...

i am about to start the EDT program for arms. it looks great! i only have 2 questions- 1) how long do you guys wait between going from exercise to exercise (like from A-1, to A-2, and then back to A-1)?
and 2) what rep range do you start with and do you go to failure every set?
thanks for the help.

I have been waiting about 10-15 seconds in between sets (A1 and A2). Charles said NOT to go ANYWHERE need failure starting out and as you progress and try to beat your previous week, you’ll be pushing yourself. I usually start in the 1-8 rep range…

15 to 20 seconds. 8 to 10 reps. Nothing to failure…it is intense enough without muscle failure.

also, would i HAVE to use SURGE, or couldnt i just eat a banana and some whey isolate or hydrolosate with it?
because SURGE is really fucking expensive!

whey hydrosylate is really bad tasting. You need to mix it with dextrose. forget about the banana. surge is awesome because of the other stuff it also has in it. BCAAs glutamine, phelalalanine, Try to make something to copy the formula of surge. laters pk