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EDT Arms Mesocycle Help


After finishing with the Waterbury Method (great program) this week, I'm looking to do Staley's EDT Arms Mesocycle for the next four weeks:


For those of you that have done it though, how did you structure your week? Arms on Monday and Friday, the maintenance day for everything else on Wednesday? Or arms Monday and Thursday, rest of body on Saturday? And to keep my main lifts (bench, DL, squat, chins, dips, etc.) up, would it be a bad idea to have two maintenance days, but work solely lower body on one of them?

Would that slow down EDT gains on my arms?

Just trying to find the best compromise between arm gains and not losing pounds on my maxes.


Well I say Go for it if your going to do EDT DO EDT.

Sure do the arm emphasis and then do a PR zone for the rest of the body. using BIG compound movments for example if you did 1 15 minute Pr zone each week of the following.

Overhead press & Chins
Squat and Decline sit up
Bench press and Bent Over Row
DL and Cable or DB side bends.

Do those each week and you would be set make it two days or what ever just fit them in.

Either that or I would simply cover bases with say 10x3 with the above as well.

One of those two along with the arms program and your set IMO




I am curious also about fitting the EDT into my schedule. Can I do the EDT(for arms) for two days and 10x3 for two days?

I still want to work other parts of the body, but need to bring my arms up to the rest of me..

Maybe Staley himself could take a stab at these questions.


Thanks, I kind of wanted to do non-EDT maintenance on the big lifts though, and I'm just finishing up a 10x3 program. So maybe 6x4 or something? And you don't think two maintenance days a week is a problem?


I've done EDT for arms a few times in the last two year with good success and exquisite pain. As the original poster surmised- I did my two EDT arm workouts as far apart as possible (usually Monday and Friday).

The other two workout days (I workout four times a week) would consist of a standard lower body routine on one day. The other day would be the rest of my upperbody.

But- the caveat is that on that upper body day- I mostly avoided pressing movements. So for chest and shoulder work- flyes, upright rows, shrugging, etc. I did not have enough power in my triceps to effectively do any kind of pressing movements.

In other words- they fatigued after only a few reps due to the unforgiving EDT Arms workouts.

I find that as I get older (33 now) specialization programs are they way to go for me. I can maintain development on other body parts while I focus on one for 8-12 weeks.