EDT ARMS - Its been a couple weeks - what do you think??

Well it has been a couple of weeks since the program was in the mag. What do those of you who have started it think so far? Also, what does the rest of your week look like? I am thinking about starting tomorrow after taking a week off. Thanks.

I’m on my second week… havn’t seen my growth. Then again it’s the second week. I’m not really sore though. I kind of thought I would be. Kind of sucks I’m not. I like being sore even though everyone says it’s not necesary. Oh well, time will tell. -D

Did day 1 of EDT arms yesterday and unfortunatley I DRASTICLY underestimated the weights - I was able to stay at 8 reps the whole time. I will raise my weights for these excercises next week and go into day 2 with a little better sense of how to estimate weights. My arms are deffinatley feeling it today. Todays workout will be 5x5 rows followed by 5x5 squats and a little ab work. tomorrow is a day off followed bt EDT day 2 and then after that will be 5x5 bench followed by 5x5 OH press. I will take 2 days off and then repeat.
I will continue this pattern for the 4 weeks of the program, after that I plan on doing 2 weeks of low volume training with no direct arm work and then either taking a week off or going into my next fase of training. As of right now I am looking at GVT.