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EDT ARM Workout

I am going to post my results and experiences with the EDT arm workout from Mr. Staley’s book. I have mostly followed a powerlifting workout for most of my training. I have been on and off again with my training for the last 5 years but want to get serious again. I weigh 197 at 8% body fat. Most of my mass lies in my chest, traps, and thighs. My arms are lagging behind. I have never worked on my biceps seriously so I figured it was time to give it a shot. The EDT workout seems a good way to go. I plan on eating at least 200 grams of protein a day and some good carbohydrates. I am keeping a food journal to make sure I am consistent with my intake. This has been a problem in the past. I will also be running a 4 week cycle of MAG 10 during my first month. Anyway, I have 16 inch arms now and my goal is to put an inch on each arm in three months.
I plan on doing the two arm workouts on Saturday and Wednesday with a low volume full body routine on Monday. I plan on doing one major movement for my other bodyparts with a 4 sets of 4 rep scheme. Just want to maintain some strength in my other parts.
I am posting this after my first workout and was pretty impressed at how hard the workout was. My arms felt dead. It seemed pretty easy at first but turned into a bitch the closer I got to my goal of 60 reps. Once I hit 75 I will increase the weight. I went home and iced the area. I did this for about five minutes an arm. I was wondering if anyone knew if that was long enough?
Anyway, any advice or experiences from people that have used this program would be appreciated.