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EDT and the Anabolic Diet

I’ve read all the positive feedback on EDT and would like to try it. However, I have been employing the anabolic diet and thoroughly enjoying the way it makes me feel and the changes it has affected in my body composition. My question is would it be feasible to perform a workout like EDT in which I will be very much in a state of near ketosis for, at the very least, 2 of the 4 workouts? I’m thinking that as long as I progress each week with each individual workout I should make gains even if my workout on monday isn’t as intense as my workout on thursday. Does this make sense? Any suggestions on combining this diet and program?


you ARE bulking on the anabolic diet right? if so go for it

What Dman said, but would add that it’s also depends on how you handle the diet. Do you run out of steam at the end of the week? If so maybe you need more carbs on the weekend or during the week. If my understanding of the diet is correct, once your body converts to fat burning you should have lots of energy. Add the glycogen weekend and it should be no problem. I have used it with a 4 day/week program and had no problems at all. I always had lots of energy. You may also want to use Surge, I know 50gms carbs, but the new Metabolic Diet(updated Anabolic Diet) has a “metabolic setpoint”. According to Dr.DiPasquali the point at which you can remain in ketosis varies from person to person and with carb consumption. You may be able to consume anywhere from 30-100gms/day and still be in ketosis. Check it out at metabolicdiet.com.

If you are performing a keto type diet, you may not want to do EDT. However, you may be able to do it, if you kept your reps around 5 or 6. My experience with keto diets and high rep workouts has been that you may lose muscle strength as a result of the larger calorie requirements of the higher rep workouts.