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EDT And Situps


it says to do weight with a 12RM...whatg about situps...isnt it better to do them with higher reps anyways? What have been your experiences with this program and the situps portion of it..


Depending on the style of situp it is probly worse to do them with high reps (assuming you mean way over 12, past 20 etc.). The type of situps you will likely do will probly screw your bcak up through various means unless you look into ways to do them "right" or without towing on your spine.

Look up robertsons (i think) articles on how to tilt your hips.

Also, why not add weight? you do to everyhting else, no? That's why it's called "weight lifting" i suppose. If you are interested in core endurance then i suggest aquiring it sport specifically.

Oh... and just try the EDT. I've seen monsters get worked by that program. It's kind of a challenge, if you will. So just do what it says and see how that works if you finish it.



thanks man..appreciate the response!


I just started EDT this week.

It's a bitch, it hurts, it has adjusted my ego, and it's wounded my pride.

Kind of like being on sports team and whipping everyone's ass handily until some little small upstart of a team rolls into your town and takes you to school before you even realize what's going on. They didn't look that tough coming off the bus, they weren't big or physically superior, but they came into your house and just commenced to beating your ass, no question about it.

It's kinda like that.



Great testimonial- I am sending this to Charles for sure!! PM me your email address Brad for a present-Jules