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EDT and rest

I just got done with 6 weeks of phase 1 EDT and ready to move onto phase 2. However, I was wondering if it was necessary for me to take a week’s rest with some moderate cardio to allow my body to rebuild itself before putting it through another phase.

EDT has kicked my butt, but I have never been through a more effective workout in my life. So, I’m excited to move into another phase, but not if it means sacrificing the gains I’ve made.

anyone? i gotta figure out what to do today.

Mixed emotions on this. Staley’s baby is a gem but it is self regulating. On one hand, will there be so much atrophy in a week that you are rebuilding what was built? maybe, but to what degree? Other hand, if you ease into it, and strive to follow with doing more and more each time, you will progress. I will follow this with great interest.

hey guys-
Charles is out of the office right now but when he gets back I will have him take a look at this and send you a reply. Cool?-Julianne

many thanks!

Hey there abnheel:

I can’t make a precise prescription from a distance, however, a few thoughts for your ongoing process of self-discovery:

  1. Somewhere, somehow, you’ve gotta promote/maintain maximal strength levels. A few ways to do this:

a) start the workout with a compound movement using MxS parameters (for example, squats, 10-15 sets of 1 with 1-2 minute rests), and then train secondary exercises using standard EDT protocol.

b) Use a 4-day split where you’ve got 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days. each body region will have a MxS workout and an EDT workout. For example:

Mon: Upper Body MxS

Tue: Lower Body EDT

Thu: Upper Body MxS

Fri: Lower Body EDT

  1. Inventory your personality type. If you’re a type A, agressive, driven individual, take the 5th week off. Or, if you’re intrinsically lazy like I am, keep on pushing

  2. Contrasting forms of exercise tend to promote recovery. maybe use week 5 for cardio and/or pool work? Or do a 3 week MxS cycle.

  3. There are no hard and fast rules, so relax about getting everything perfect, because you won’t.

OK, I’m setting up my new gym in Phoenix, so gotta run. let me know if I can be of further help…