EDT and Plyometrics

I was wondering if anyone ever uses any type of “plyometrics” with EDT?

Im a little confused on the true definition of plyometrics, but im thinking the way most people describe them, like jump squats and clapping pushups.

Theres different ways to do EDT, some people do lighter weights, (10rm) and do sets of 5, while others do heavier weights (4-6rm) and do sets of 1-3. I prefer heavier weights, so was wondering if I should do the plyometric type stuff with sets of 1-3?

Thanks guys.

EDT and Plyometrics seem antagonistic to me. EDT emphasizes performing an increased density of work in a given time. Plyometrics on the other hand require long rest periods to ensure that each set is high quality. It would seem like a mix of edt and plyometrics would just be fancy cardio. If you’re dead set on this then I would proceed with low rep sets.

I couldn’t have thought of a better way to screw up your training man.

Yeah, they’re fine during the same training cycle, but if you did them in the same session, you;d have to do the plyometrics first, with full recovery between sets. If you turn plyos into cardio you’ll defeat the purpose and end up making no progress or regressing.