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EDT and exercise selection

I just wanted to get some people’s opinion who have tried EDT on my exercise selection. I kept Monday the same.

Tuesday (First 20 min) A1:Leg press A2:Leg curls (second 20 min) A1:Stiff legged deadlifts A2:Hanging leg raises

Thursday (first 20 min.) A1:Incline Dumbell press A2:Cable curls (Second 20 min.) A1: Dumbell military press A2:Hammer curls.

Friday the same. Two of my major weakenesses are legs and shoulders. That’s why I put military and leg press in there. Any help would be appreciated.

Any thoughts or any way to improve upon this?

The two leg days should work well for bringing them up to par. If your shoulders are your other main concern why don’t you : 1. replace one of the triceps movements on Monday with a shoulder movement. 2. do your db shoulder presses first on Thursday, and use a barbell.

Have to agree with Energy. I’ve always had a tough time piling the muscle on in my legs - therefore I always do them first in a workout cycle, when my energy is up and I’m thoroughly rested.

I like how you arranged your Tuesday/leg workout. Wow - how is that going?

I haven’t started it yet. I’m just planning it out for next week.